Not really feeling it any more

I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with WDW.

I’m no longer obsessively checking these forums, watching DFB videos and reading Bricker’s blog. I’ve even stopped listening to the back-catalogue of the BOM podcast.

My visit to DLP may have played a role in this. I had a really great vacation. But it wasn’t magical.

I have a trip to WDW booked for April. But I’m not excited about it. There’s nothing to plan. No dessert parties to book.

Without character interactions and the shows and the parades and the fireworks WDW is just a really good theme park. It offers nothing more than UOR now.

I’m not about to cancel my trip. I’m sure I’ll have a great time. If it happens. (And that uncertainty is part of it.) Some WDW is better than no WDW.

But I’m not feeling it any more. I think it’s time
to find something else to obsess over.

Sad times.


I knew it, we could feel the melancholy all the way across the pond. Chin up, this too shall pass :heartpulse:


Don’t give up yet! If a vaccine is introduced by the end of the year, April could have a lot of the things that have been put on hold for now. Even without a vaccine, I think they’ll start some of those frills again soon. There are already fireworks and parades at Tokyo Disneyland.


Your trip is sooo far off. I think there will be more offerings, maybe not 100% back. I’ve been wondering how things were going with you. You could follow along Randalls trip report? Were having a hoot there. BTW, how do u feel about chocolate ice cream?


In general, my policy is that chocolate should be enjoyed as God intended — in solid blocks. Perversions like chocolate cake are the work of Satan.

However, chocolate ice cream — specifically Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie — is an exception to this rule.


I do not derive pleasure from other people’s happiness.


Your trip report made me extremely tempted to go to DLP. I could get an annual pass with extra magic hours access + airfare + 17 days at an Airbnb + transport for 1170 euros. But Paris entered RKI’s list of dangerous destinations, so I ended up not going.

It made me think. Why do I feel such a strong impulse to go to DLP, but not Paris (or other pretty European cities)? I am not very into magic, Paris itself is probably prettier, I love rides, but not that much.

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I think what lures me to Disney (and to cruises) is the experience of a hassle-free world.

When I am visiting a city, I need to worry about how to get from point A to point B. This might mean taking public transportation and figuring out tickets. I need to find out where to eat, and there is no one-stop source that I trust. Dinning reservations are annoying to make. I need to arrange tickets for attractions and shows. There is never a hassle free day.

Sometimes I enjoy these things. But sometimes I am tired and want to be in a worry free bubble.

It is curious, because there is usually more work and worry when planning a Disney trip then pretty much any other vacation. But it doesn’t feel like a hassle. It feels frictionless. With my current mood, that’s all I want.


I think this kind of thing is just massive bulllshit.

First off, Paris is a huge city, geographically. It’s too much of a simplification to say it is dangerous.

Second, my reading of the current statistics is that the risk of catching COVID and becoming seriously ill or dying is vastly overstated.

I gave COVID lots of opportunities to get me. I travelled in trains, through busy train stations and on planes, in a taxi, on busy domestic trains, on a packed bus. I visited theme parks, I dined in indoor restaurants, including some busy fast food ones.

OK, my fourteen days of quarantine are not strictly over yet, but so far I feel fine.

What about @ryan1? He took some similar risks. How are he and his family? It’ll be interesting to see how @Randall1028 fares. Other liner testimony is available.

My experience in France was that everyone wore a mask on the train and on the Metro and in the city. And, of course, everyone at DLP did so: it was actively policed.

The last time I looked, the COVID fatality rate in France was 2.4 deaths per million per day. In the US it is ten times that. Even at that rate it’s trivial.

I’m not denying that COVID is a thing. I’m saying that when people are being sensible the risks are very low. Plus, we know much better what we’re dealing with now. And how to deal with it.

If I could go to WDW tomorrow I would. Even just to look for the magic.


If u went there and gave ur thoughts on choco ice cream u will definately NOT see pleasure! :rofl:

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I have a problem when making decisions. I am usually very good at convincing myself that anything I want is actually also the rational, correct, well thought, moral decision.

To counteract that, I make pre-decisions. In the case of corona, before thinking about any destinations or anything, I decided I would follow RKI’s travel advisories and not overthink the safety side. It is not a perfect strategy and it removes a ton of autonomy, but I really can’t trust myself with flexibility. I am my own worse enabler.


don’t start w/ the chocolate ice cream :rofl::laughing:




Rioting in the streets. Balloon-less children. Talk of taking it to the mattresses…or about the mattresses, same diff, and worst of all…no more cream-cheese pretzels :sob:

It’s pandemonium.

BTW…Hi Mr. MouseMatt. I’m sorry for the loss of magic feeling. It actually really sucks as a feeling and I’m being genuine when I say I hope you find a way to get that feeling back sooner rather than later.

I’ve been a member of this forum ever since my last WDW trip a few years ago. Member being loosely used. I literally just used it for strategic purposes. Until I saw your DLP by happen chance last week.

Through your thread, you helped me discover that very same magic you seemed to have lost. Suddenly I’m on here talking about chocolate ice cream vs the world, must try experiences I never would have otherwise found and special cast members. I’ve found other people who enjoy the same qualities in Disney that keep all of us coming back for more. It’s not only helped my Disney-less funk, but it also helped bring back some amazing memories I haven’t had much opportunity to think about lately.

This is the only social media I’m on due to the toxicity of most of the other popular platforms, and I’ve been locked in the house since February out of respect for a massive germophobe I live with. This is also the month I have to pull the plug on our December WDW trip or risk losing 3 years worth of saved up DVC points.

Like I said. I’m sorry you’re sad. But I wanted to thank you, anyway, for helping me feel normal again for the first time in a very long time. I hope you find that magic soon.


That’s nice to know. Thanks.


indeed, it seems quite the opposite is the case

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Is it just me, or does this seem to stand in complete contradiction to the title of this post and your original post?


I’d be interested to see the evidence for this slur.

I don’t relish the misery of others.

Yes. It’s just you.


So, you do want to go to WDW, or you don’t? Your answer will resolve the confusion.


“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’