Not really a split stay - room request help

I have 2 nights at Pop booked via Priceline (standard) followed by 2 nights booked via Disney (preferred). It was the only way I could get the 4 nights I needed.

I don’t really want to switch rooms halfway through my stay.

How do I put in my TP room request? One for each reservation? Only for the first one?

I’d put in one for the first one, list both your reservation numbers and dates in the free text box, and explain that you have 2 reservations but don’t want to change rooms.


If you have different room types booked, which it looks like you do, then the chances are you will have to change rooms.

I wonder, if you explicitly said it was OK, if they would let a guest have the less expensive category for the whole stay (assuming there was a room available). Presumably they could bump someone with the same two nights up a category… but that’s potentially a lot of work. I’ve never worked in a hotel, I have no idea!

I have the same situation… at BLT 1 night thru Disney and the others via DVC rental. I actually requested the same room for both stays and did a room request for both stays and put both reservation numbers in each fax. Of course if I get a bad room the first night, I may wish they change me for the rest of the nights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ETA I have same room type for both stays

Oh I didn’t pick up on that.

I tried to do something similar at Boardwalk a few years ago (had a 1 BR with an upgraded view on DVC points, but ended up coming in 2 days earlier and paying cash for a lower 1 BR) and they said no, not because of the different categories but specifically because of the different means of purchase.

I think the issue with having two different categories booked is that although it seems like it’s a simple matter to upgrade someone else, that actually the logistics are tougher.

First they need to find someone with the “right” room category, checking in on the same day, checking out on the same day. Plus they also need to be on their own, not booked with others or travelling with others - because that would make their requests like being near to each other pretty much impossible to fulfil.

The different methods of booking with DVC - a CRO cash booking and a points booking - also create issues because the rooms reserved for CRO are decided based on the number of points they have allocate pd to those bookings. That depends on the points owned by Disney, plus those traded out for the year; and those also need to take into account the use years of the traded out points and the DVC seasons with differing points values for each type of room.

It can be done on the DVC side. We were lucky last time but not the first time we were in the situation.

That would be the category of the room first and foremost. DVC have the same issue as I outlined above, with the added problem of operating at near 99% year round. So even less leeway to use a room that is not actually booked.

But the differing methods of booking can also cause problems sometimes.

so even had you had the exact same room view for both stays, because 1 was cash and the other DVC points, it was a no? Because that will be my deal. No big if not, I just won’t unpack the first night and will schlep my bags to bell services and leave them there until I get assigned my 2nd room

We have done that before, and are 1 from 2 for staying in the same room.

Despite what she was told, I am pretty certain the problem for @Nikkipoooo was the different room category. DVC really won’t upgrade someone, and conversely won’t downgrade someone. Even if they request it. Their operating capacity just doesn’t allow for it.

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thanks…yea again, not a big deal as for us it is only 1 night and so I just won’t unpack. Did you ask at check in for the first stay? Guess I am saying it would be nice to know when I check in first night if I need to plan on moving rooms or not

Yes, both times we asked at check-in.

The first time, they told us about four days into the week that we’d need to move for the last 3 nights.

The second time they told us at check-in that we could stay in the same room. We just double checked a couple of days before. We still needed to visit the front desk to check-out and in.

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This is sort of what I was thinking. I’ll take the hit and get a lesser room if they’ll let me stay put. Based on discussion below it apparently might not be so simple.
I’m the one that booked this weird not-split stay so I don’t expect Disney to just fix it for me. Of course, they could have (should have?) anticipated my need to book a last minute trip and held a room for me.

Yeah really, can’t the predict the future?!

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