(Not Quite) Twenty Questions

A few questions have popped up as I’ve been planning. For context: 3 day non-hopper tickets; Fort Wilderness RV; Me, DH, DS almost6, DS almost3, and 3 grandparents.

  1. If EE is 8:30, how early can I get into the parking lot? How early can I walk into MK? Are EP and HS the same? Is HS still doing an extra early opening?

  2. For EE, are they still holding the group until the EE time starts and then walking them to rides or are you allowed to queue/stand outside queue for a specific ride once they let you in the park?

  3. Are you finding TP timing to be accurate right now? Their estimates for our Nov trip seem low compared to Disney’s posted waits for today. Even accounting for a 20% overestimation on Disney’s part.

  4. We want to start HS with RotR and MFSR during EE but we will need to RS those. Can we RS those back to back and then go ride MMRR as a family as long as the adults holding the RS are different? For example, DH sits out one ride and I sit out the other? And then DH and I go back later to ride?

  5. Is memory maker (EDIT: SHARE) still a thing? Will the CM use my camera again?

  6. This is our first trip with more than 3 people. Are character meets awkward with 7 people? Should we split up a bit?

  7. How sad is DS almost6 going to be if we skip TT? I’m thinking of doing ILL for Remy and FEA via EE instead of getting G+ that day. He’s more of a fire truck/big rig kid than a sports car kid.

I can’t answer all of these but I’ll give some a shot!

  1. At HS we were held just beyond the tapstiles and then let in early, usually around 20 minutes before EE actually started. At MK we were allowed in and then held either on the bridge (for fantasyland) or, I think, in the space before the Laugh Floor for Tomorrowland. At Epcot via IG held at tapstiles, can’t speak to main gate, and never made EE at AK.

  2. I /think/ what you’re asking is can you ride Rise and put a swap on your husband’s band and then your husband rides MFSR and put a rider swap on your hand and then you all go ride MMRR and you redeem your rider swaps later? You can do that, yes, but I think you’re going to run into some line issues if you try to do those all in a row unless you’re well at the front of the pack and basically one of the first on Rise.

  3. Memory Maker is still a thing and the CMs will use your camera.

  4. My almost 5 year old hated Test Track, but on the other hand on our last trip my barely 6 year old loved it. However I always think that as long as they haven’t ridden it before they don’t know what they’re missing, and there’s so much else to do!

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They’re about as accurate as ever, which means they are right on average but can be off in either direction some of the time. :man_shrugging: That’s just the way statistics work, not a knock on TP specifically. I take it as one data point, but also look at MDE and look at the physical queue itself to inform me before getting in line.

Yes. CMs have their own cameras now.

As long as you aren’t going to have each person spend 5 minutes talking to the character, sticking together is actually better. More compact.

My kids a little older than that love it. But if he doesn’t see it, he won’t know what he’s missing. :wink: But if you’re ok waiting for an hour, you can ride standby any time.

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  1. I don’t know why I typed it in that order. You’re right. That would never work. We’ll be booking LL for MFSR at 7 (and doing ROTR and hopefully MMRR for EE) so my thought was that if we get a morning time for MFSR, we might end up holding two RS. One from EE and one from LL.

  2. Whoops. I meant memory maker share. I haven’t seen a post for that recently. I’d really love photos of our whole group even though we’ll bring our camera too.

There are still groups that do this. I haven’t paid close attention since I don’t like to do so.

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