Not another TP question!


Been working on our TP for quite some time now and I have a couple questions.

  1. Does it have big breaks in the middle of the day because wait times are just too long then? And then suggest coming back in the evening because the lines are shorter? Here is a link to the TP I made to help get an idea of what I am talking about. When I drag the attractions to before my dinner reservation it gives me 40 minute or more waits. Because of our late dinner, we decided maybe we should see the Electrical Parade and Fireworks on another night…

  2. How do I decide when to try to get FPP for rides and for which ones? Do I use the “this would be a good candidate for a Fastpass” suggestions? And then do I try to get the times that are listed in the TP for my FPP?

  3. I have no idea when I will be hungry and if we will stop for lunch. (Its just my DH and I). We are packing sandwiches and may eat in lines. But we may eat in the park somedays. I don’t really know what will happen. Do I just schedule a break so its there or just wait till the day of and try to re-optimize the plan when I am in the park and after we decide to stop for a break?

Thanks all!

  1. You have big blocks of free time during the middle of the day because you do not have enough attractions in your plan to fill up the day. If you want to fill them up, either add more attractions or shorten your touring day.

  2. Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

  3. I would schedule a break, and if I decide not to take it I would mark it as done and re-optimize.

Ah thank you!

I read your linked post and it was amazing! Super helpful! :smile:

It only recommends I get FPP for two rides so I have an extra one. Should I use it for just a major attraction anyways to make sure we can see it? The Crowd Calendar predicts our date as being a crowd level of 8 so pretty busy. If yes, should I make it for the suggested TP time?

I’d suggest that you always book your three FastPasses, even if you don’t expect to use all three. Consider booking one for something you may want to ride twice or both something extra early in the day, then, after you have used your first three FastPasses, you can visit a kiosk and book a 4th FastPass (and potentially more) for later in the day.

Yes, I would make it for the suggested TP time. Always good to have it in your pocket in case there are any issues on the day.

Also for my day at AK it looks like I can get everything done by lunch-ish and was thinking of saving two FPP for MK and spend another half day over there. However, the wait times seem crazy low for AK on my TP. The crowd calendar says its a 10 that day… so wait times of 7 minutes, 3 minutes etc seem a bit crazy. That is all during EMH… It keeps telling me I can do EEx2, PW, Dinosaur, KS all before 9:45am and make it to Lion King for the 10am showing. That seems a bit intense to me, but this is the first time I have made plans…

@tlrj4488, I would tend to believe your plan. We were there in April on a day that became a 9 or 10 due to heavy rain the day before. We got there at 7:45 for an 8 am EMH and rode EE 3x, PWx2, Dinosaur x 1, stopped to look at stuffed animals at a store, and did It’s Tough to be a Bug all before our KS FPP at 10:00. Those first 2 hours are magic!