Not able to make dining reservations online 10/14

Anyone else having this issue? I pick my day, time and number of guests and click find table and either get the message that it can’t search right now or I get the message saying to call WDW dining number. Its doing it for all the restaurants I have tried, even some that aren’t really popular so I know its not cause they are booked and its been doing it for about 2 hours now.

I just tried and the same happened - looks like their online system is down at the moment?

They are doing ‘enhancements’. People on other boards have called and spoken to a CM- and were able to confirm the system is ‘mostly down’. Have seen some posts on other boards where people are able to do one or two things- but when they are doing ‘enhancements’ I just leave my MDE alone for several hours and check back later.

Has been down since 3.30 am at least. Believe someone who called said hoped to have it up and running by 12. Its affecting FPP and most of the mde app also. I can still see everything already booked so hope that doesn’t get mucked up

Some DVC’ers have posted on other boards in the interim since my last post- and the DVC site says 11 AM. I am going to get back on after lunch, since if they ran into some issues while ‘enhancing’ our experience it might cause a delay.

Good to know it just wasn’t me messing something up! Thanks everyone for all the information.