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We’re going for a long trip in Dec/Jan, planning to buy 10-day PH tickets. In 2018 when we did a similar trip, we bought one AP for the parking and discounts and came out ahead. I have my spreadsheet all worked out and doing the same this time will likely break even or be a slight cost advantage. BUT this time, APR’s are a thing. I know there are people out there who’ve done trips with a combo of tickets and APs, so how much should the headache of the AP having more limited days of reservations be a factor in my decision? I’d love to hear all your perspectives and opinions! TIA!

Unless you are going during one of the busiest weeks of the year, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Well, it’s 12/28-1/10, soooo…
But, we’re front loading MK, so we can get those APRs in the initial round of reservations that we can make with the AP, and that would put us past New Year’s. Too risky?

We were there over Christmas and New Year. We stayed onsite and on the last day I couldn’t change my DS reservation from MK to DHS. That was the day the AP restrictions lifted and clearly everyone had booked. It was possible to change parks on every other day - although onsite would have a different bucket to book from.

Just to check though. I assume you’re not staying onsite, since you mentioned having restricted days you could book? If you are onsite and have an AP you can book for your whole stay.

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Are you staying on-site or off-site? If on site, the APR is linked to your hotel reservation and the availability bucket is the same as the rest of the guests.

I would assume off-site, due to talk of the parking advantage that the AP gives.

But it is worth clarifying, because if staying on-site, there is no AP parking advantage, since on-site guests get free parking at the resort and the parks. That could factor into whether it makes sense to buy the AP.

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Oh, thank you all! We’re staying ON-site and we won’t have a rental car this time, so parking isn’t one of the benefits we factored in for this trip. But for some reason I hadn’t realized that on-site guests with APs weren’t limited to 5 days.

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Yes I think it was a thing in the past where it didn’t matter, but they did rectify that pretty quickly. Now you can hold 5 PLUS your onsite stay if I’m reading the details correctly.