Normal Daily FP+ AND MNSSHP FP+?

If I’m spending the day in MK and also attending MNSSHP, can I schedule a total of 6 FP+ ahead of time? From stuff I’ve read, if this is possible I’m thinking three of them would have to be in the 4p-7p time slot?

Only if you attach your evening ticket to a new unused mde account. ( ie Dummy account abd you would need to use the hard ticket instead of magic band in park)

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Thanks for the info - I originally dismissed this because it sounded complicated. I keep thinking about it more though. My MNSSHP tickets are already attached to my MDE account - can I move them to a different “dummy” account? Also, would I just swipe the MNSSHP ticket/card instead of my magic band when using those FPP’s? I wouldn’t have to exit and re-enter the park using the hard ticket would I? I don’t mind putting in extra work now to set this up as long as it’s easy to use these extra FPP’s in the park.

Yes to allocating to new account You might be able to make up fake guests under your current account.and just reallocate tix. Same names with added middle initial used to work Yes to tapping tickets instead of magic band and you haven’t needed to enter park with them in the past to use fpp but they do scan them at some point so you can get your party band.

I hadn’t even thought about this… we usually focus on party-specific activities, and maybe just always done whatever else had short lines during the parties. I seem to remember that our military discount tickets for MVMCP automatically went to my sister’s account and she assigned them to party members but hers (as the eligible member) was not movable, so I guess she’d probably have to create the dummy MDE before calling, right?

We definitely want to focus on party stuff that night but if we can squeeze in a few extra FP rides before, why not? It’s the first day of our trip so we will get into the park early afternoon, have dinner a 4:20 dinner at BOG (thanks to reservation finder!) and hopefully time for a few FPP rides before the party starts. Has anyone else had success doing this?