Noon arrival

Help! I’m flying in wth my grandson the morning of Monday, August 13. I figure by the time we get to the park (either DR or DCA) . We’ll have a MaxPass and a three day Park hopper. We have to be back at John Wayne by 5:00pm or so on Aughustv15th.

Being that it’s near a midday arrival, where do I begin? The touring pans call for early arrival, so I need some guidance. My grandson is interest n all the E-Ticket attractions. We’re planning on Fantasmic and World of Color as well. (Fireworks too).

I’d really appreciate some guidance. Thanks, in advance.

We always drive in and usually don’t get into the parks until 2ish. There is still lots of time left in the day! The predicted hours for DL that day are 9 am to 11 pm. You have a lot going for you… A good amount of schools will have started back already (including my own kids & the district I work for), but the local pass holders are still blocked out. That being said, I wouldn’t expect an empty park, but wouldn’t expect it to be over the moon crowded either.

Getting max pass is probably your best weapon to get on all the main attractions and then some. Word of caution, WoC is having some issues, so it is unclear if it will come back from refurb on time (i have my fingers crossed that it will be back before my trip in July). For that first day, I would make a TP starting at the latest I think I will get there and then add in all the rides I hope to do that first night. Just know that with Max Pass you will get a lot more done than TP expects. I would then use that plan, not as a TP, but as a list/guide of all the things you want to do.


Thanks for the feedback. You’ve given me a reason to be more optimistic Re: our first day there.

Apart from Radiator Springs and the Incredicoaster, you should have no problem getting FP for most rides! If you and your grandson really wants to do Radiator Springs on the first day and you feel comfortable getting separated, you can always go single rider.

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Thanks for the heads up!!