Noob Fall Dining/Tix questions

Hi. I am a seasonal AP holder. It is prompting me to purchase park tickets. That I don’t need. What is the minimum days I can select (2?) and can it be put in a save for later que on MDE? can it be applied towards next year’s pass?

Are you booking a free dining room? If so, you need to buy PH tickets with the package. You can save the tickets but make sure they are not the active ones in your MDE account both before and after you enter a park.

Yes, I am trying to book a free dining package. How can I tell if the ticket is activated in MDE? Do they not allow some way to “freeze” a ticket? lol

There have been a few threads in chat about this recently. I believe the advice was that you cannot depend on making the ticket inactive in your MDE account. I think they said to go to GS before you enter to make sure the tickets are set up right (taking the name of the person that confirms) and then go into MDE and check once you enter. If you do not catch it right away it can be challenging to fix.

The free dining promotion requires a minimum 3-day park hopper.

One way to avoid ticket confusion may be to create a new MDX account, so that the room and PH tickets are on a separate account (and band) than your AP. Then again, depending on how much customization you’ve done in MDX, that may be more trouble than you’re saving, though at least you can manage it at your own pace ahead of time, rather than dealing with it at the World.

I have had multiple tickets on my same MDE account. The ticket that shows up on the top line of your MDE is the one used first when tapping into the parks.

for instance: I have an AP. I also had 5-day PH tickets.

When I tapped into the parks, it didn’t use the 5-day PH tickets. It used my AP.

Since the tickets were not used/activated, I was able to reassign them.

You may want to consider creating a “family member” in your MDE and reassigning the tickets to them (after you’ve purchased your package) until you can reassign them back to yourself when you are ready to upgrade. Then you won’t have to worry about them getting accidentally used.

I can’t guarantee this will work, but it might.