Nonresort Guest Visiting Over Christmas

Hey Y'all,

My family and I will be going to WDW the week of Christmas. We stay in a rental house off-site so can not take advantage of EMH hours in the morning. However, we do arrive before official opening every morning. During the week of Christmas MK has EMH every morning. Does anyone have experience with this? Does anyone have any advice or ideas on arrival times? Also, I have read that the parks completely fill up several days over Christmas week and stop allowing in nonresort guests. Would the parks reopen for nonresort guests in the evenings when the crowds have thinned somewhat? I have very small children so we would like to leave everyday for a couple of hours of nap time, but I'm afraid of not being able to get back into the parks. I know this is a LOT so thanks so much for your help and advice.

This should help you....

I think the parks open at 7 for resort guests who are notified by little pieces of paper in the resort rooms. Most of the time you can get back in later at night,

@cjstewie I would love to hear how your trip goes this holiday season. We are thinking about doing the same thing in December 2015, but I’m concerned about being able to get back into the parks after a mid-day break.