Non-Star Wars HS strategies

I only booked the trip less than 20 days out, so we’re obviously not getting a park pass for HS but that’s not a big deal because we’ve actually done RotR twice already when we went in January 2020. We have no need to even enter Galaxy’s Edge because my niece isn’t even a big SW fan, and I’ve seen it enough times that I’m fine with avoiding the crowds.

I’m looking at hopping to HS maybe twice to ride everything else. The days we’re going are Mon-Sat, with resort CLs of 2, 2, 2, 1, 3, and 3. So far they have the park closing at 7pm each day. I also would love a meal at 50’s PT or Mama Melrose, if we can snag an ADR or maybe get a walk in. Does this seem doable with the new PH rules?

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The waits at ToT & RnR have been crazy lately - like at least 45 minutes, usually closer to 60. I don’t know if you’ll get to everything twice with an after 2pm arrival and a TS meal… :crossed_fingers:

I do think you can get a single ride on everything, non-SW, and a couple repeats

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Oh I didn’t mean we needed to ride everything twice, just that we’d hop there twice, though those are 2 she’ll want to do twice if we can. If the waits for RnR and ToT are looking long then maybe we’ll just jump on line for one of those last each day.

If the TP wait times I’m seeing for the trip overall are to be believed then I’m thinking we might even end up there more than twice, especially since we’re staying at Boardwalk the last 2 nights of the trip.


Opps! I looked at your post again and I see how I misunderstood. That’s my bad.

If you are going twice I definitely think you can ride everything you want, even with park hopping.


Touringplans did a live test a couple weeks ago at HS using a couple of different plans. Neither plan went to RotR, although they did both go to MF:SR. One of the plans was changed to go to Tower of Terror first because of the recent long lines due to one of the elevator shafts being shut down. Turns out that was not the correct thing to do and that the plan was correct that guests should wait to ride ToT in the afternoon or evening.

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Aaaand they just extended hours to 9pm each night, so now I really am not worried about getting a ride on everything. Maybe we’ll just do the mornings at whichever park we have passes for and then finish at HS each day.

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