Non-ride day at MK--any suggestions?

Hi - We have a 1 pm lunch ADR on Black Friday at Cinderella’s Table, and the family wants to do a non-rides day before the ADR. Any suggestions of cool things we can do?

Tom Sawyer’s Island (although there is the raft “ride” to get to it).

Laugh Floor.

Mickey’s Philharmagic.

Tiki Room (I can’t stand it, but it is a non-ride).

Country Bear Jamboree. (Again, something I don’t personally enjoy, but a show.)

Trolley on Main Street.

Hall of Presidents.

Carousel of Progress. (Does that count as a non-ride? It does move.)

Casey’s Corner pianist.

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Good list. I’d add in some character M&G. Probably too late for an appointment at BBB but you could try for Pirates’s League or the barber shop. Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire is fun (castle show). Swiss Family Tree House. Lastly, just time to stroll down Main Street and take it all in.


Yes to Rom Sawyer, no to Tiki Room and Country Bear Jamboree. I think I’m traumatized for life when I saw them as a child.

Love the Trolley idea and Casey’s Corner Pianist. Thank you!

Pin trading up and down Main Street…

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And the dapper dans!! I’d schedule around all the street performances!


What about the in park game?

Haven’t done it myself but would’ve loved it as a kid!

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Good suggestion.

Actually, we attempted it our last trip by recommendation of some friends…but we quickly found we much preferred to be doing something else. Takes a lot of time.

BUT, our friends enjoyed it so much they spend a good portion of the day just doing that!

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For many trips, back before appointments were available, we visited Harmony Barbershop. Each trip one person would get a trim or a style. Very fun. Gel. Pixie dust.

At 5 pm, the Flag Retreat. Perhaps the most important event in all of Walt Disney World. And probably the longest running.

Tiki Birds. Major crowd pleaser in our extended multi-generational family, even among non Disney fans.

Get an entertainment guide and search out as many as possible.

Sit on a shady bench and people watch.

Search the internet before you go for the hidden gems. Some still remain. Like the names on the Main St windows.

Look for hidden Mickeys.

There are others but mind is refusing to cooperate now.

Trying to avoid confirmation bias by not looking at other answers :joy:

In rough order from Main St round clockwise, asterisks for personal faves:

Any of the dining establishments - some better as “attractions” than others
Character Meet & Greets

Main St Vehicles (I mean, you ride them but…)
Main St shopping arcades
Dapper Dans

Festival of Fantasy (parade)*
Once Upon a Time (castle light show)*
Happily Ever After (fireworks)*

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor*
Carousel of Progress
Tomorrowland Transit Authority (not very ride-y, more of a scenic tour, better after dark)*

Casey Jr circus train play area
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Be Our Guest (dining)*
Mickey’s Philharmagic*
Gaston (roaming character)

Liberty Square Riverboat (again not super ride-y)
Hall of Presidents

Tom Sawyer Island*
Country Bear Jamboree
Frontierland Shooting Arcade

Enchanted Tiki Room*
Swiss Family Treehouse
Dole Whip (snack)*
Treasures of the Seven Seas (PoTC game)
Jungle Cruise (ok, this is quite ride-y, still feels like it could possibly fit?)


Every name on the Main Street window has a story behind it. Be it the original imagineers or Disney legends etc.

In Adventureland there are lots of mini animals engraved in the rock-work.

Definitely TSI and Sorcerers. You could probably play Sorcerers most of the day, I don’t know how many levels there are.

Try the sword in the stone, look for the pavement “water painters” in Fantasyland. Visit the wishing well and make a wish. Go ornament shopping. Watch Gaston interact with the public. Do all the meet and greets, like Buzz and Chip ‘n’ Dale in Tomorrowland, and Mary Poppins outside Casey’s. Sit in a rocking chair next to HoP.

Watch HoP, explore the Treehouse (read the book or watch the movie beforehand).

Collect as many magic shots as possible.

You could take a tour. Or have someone create a scavenger hunt or just a quiz.