Non-park, non-character TS meal with kid(s)

Any fun suggestions? Looking for something to do mid-morning or lunch on our departure day. We do already have Splitsville and Beaches & Cream. I was thinking maybe Rainforest (basic, I know, but we don’t have one nearby), Whispering Canyon, Raglan Road (do they do a show at lunchtime?)?

Sanaa can be nice for lunch. You can watch the animals as you eat! (We actually liked Boma better for the food, but if you’re looking for something special/fun then I’d lean towards Sanaa. And the food there is great too, we just really liked Boma.)

Raglan Road was fun but very loud when we went for dinner. And our table didn’t have a view of the performance, which was unfortunate. They did have a couple of people come over to do a little mini-performance in a reaaaaly tiny area, which was a nice thought but not what we were hoping for. On the bright side, DD (then 3) got to try her hand at dancing with the 2-3 performers, which was pretty cute. YMMV!

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I really enjoy T-Rex! The food is basic, but good. I go more for the robot dinos / meter shower every 15 minutes. (Ask to sit in the “Ice Cave” section! It’s beautiful)

Some folk kinda snub it b/c it’s “for kids”, but if you were already considering Rainforest cafe then this is my suggestion

Eat dessert over at AristoCrepes and get a bubble waffle!! You’ll thank me later!


I think my daughter might be scared at T-Rex but maybe I’ll show her some pictures or video and see what she thinks.


I just called them a couple of weeks ago and asked about their weekend brunch. Here’s what they told me:
Sat 11-3
Sun 10-3
Music 12-3:45pm
I’m not sure if the music was just for Sat/Sun brunch or also weekdays, but they do answer their phone if you call.

Our kids really enjoyed T-Rex when we went when they were 6 & 9 (back in 2010). We’ve eaten at other locations of the Rainforest Cafe quite a few times and they always enjoyed that.

We’re excited to try Sanaa this trip.

ETA: Oh, Raglan Road’s showtimes page is now updated (it wasn’t back when I called). It looks like no shows for weekday lunch, just evenings and Sat/Sun brunch.

Yes, I have been to Raglan for the brunch. It is only on the weekends and shows begin at noon. They have told us to come back on the times we ate before noon.

The dinos aren’t really “in your face”, but the meteor show does produce loud thunder. So, that could be an issue…

I often have an issue with loud noise, so I booked an 11:15am brunch reservation. I figure if I’m tolerating the music ok, we can linger. If not, I can bolt and bolt while the family finishes up.

ETA: One of these days I’ll learn to scroll without deleting my own comments! :laughing:


We were considering Sanaa for dinner on a non-park day but have never been. Any idea if we would still see animals? It is in July, so there will still be daylight.

If there is daylight, you should see animals.

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