Non-Park Day ADR Advice

Looking for advice on non-park day dining with DS (8), DD (5) and DS (3) when trying to maximize princesses for DD and a mix for others. Staying at BC. I think we are settled on Trattoria al Forna for breakfast but not sure what to for dinner. We’ve been to WDW several times but looking to switch it up and all of these would be new for us (estimate of costs included). We are planning on a number of other character meals so leaning away from Artist Point.

Artist Point (Snow White, Queen, Dwarfs) ($209)
Hoop-Dee-Doo at Fort Wilderness ($190)
Boma at AK Lodge ($158)
Jiko at AK Lodge (non-buffet)

If you haven’t been to Hoop Dee Do, I would highly recommend it. It’s just good, clean fun and I’ve always enjoyed the food.
I’m amazed it’s less than going to Artist’s Point, mainly because it is really a top notch show put on by pros.
Strawberry Shortcake!


I absolutely love Jiko but I think I would agree with Hoop de Doo.

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We did AP and HDDR last trip and ate dinner at Jiko last year. All excellent choices. The food at Jiko was phenomenal but pricey.

My group of 8 LOVED HDDR! It was such a cute show and (having some old south in our roots) the food reminded us of my dear grandparents which was perhaps the best part.

++ Everyone for Hoop Dee Doo … My kids when for the first time when they were about your DS(8) and they still talk about it when we make our Disney plans.