Non-MNSSHP park goers

If you have regular park tickets during the MNSSH party days, do you not get to see the night parade? Or the fireworks? I know they start herding you out at about 7 and that there is a special parade for the party but what about the regular folks?

No. On those nights they close early. The parade and fireworks are done normally 9-10. You could watch fireworks from one of hotels that are near there but won’t get music at all of them. Only hotel I’ve ever done it from was Poly. We also did it on a boat ride from one of the hotels.

What @mrslisadawn said is correct. Around 6:15 they’ll start reminding people and as it gets closer to 7 they’ll start escorting people to the front.

If you don’t plan to attend the party but have park hopper tickets it’s still a great day to visit the park until 4pm. It’s usually lighter crowds because those without a party ticket typically don’t want to use burn a day on shorter hours, so you can stay up until 4 or so when party guests are let in and it gets much more crowded and then take a break and switch to a different park.

What @Outer1 said. We were there the day of a MVMCP and it started to get crazy after 4:00. By 6:00 MS was a gridlock and the CMs were aggressively indicating that it was time to leave. We finally made it out of the park by 6:45. Mono line was backed up almost tTo the bag check, as was the ferry. Waited almost 90 min for a launch to the GF. The MOST “unmagical” experience I’ve ever had at WDW. Moral: If you must go on a party day, plan to leave by 4:00.

@nmsakata - which park are you asking about? This is in the Disneyland section, but it sounds like some of the answers are based on WDW experiences. Very likely the answers still have some bearing on DL.

Oops - I misses that this was a DL thread. No experience with DL parties, so I withdraw my above post :smile:

Thanks folks.

We are hoping to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. It will probably be in the Frontierland Tower. Maaaaaybe the Grand Californian, but in a non-park facing room I’m sure. I would assume that the F. Tower would be too far away or just blocked from seeing any fireworks. Is that correct? And as far as the Grand, if we were on the wrong side of the hotel would there be a place to go inside to see the fireworks?

If you had one of the upper level corner rooms on the east side of the Fantasyland tower, you may be able to see some fireworks. I’m not sure really what the view would be like. North-east corner seems like it would be best. We had a corner room in the Frontier tower that was really big with windows all around. However, we just had a view of parking/operations stuff. Still very nice.

At GCH, there are viewing areas for World of Color, but nothing I’m aware of for fireworks in Disneyland Park.

Do you know where the areas are at GCH to see World of Color?

From the 6th floor, Paradise View Terrace. See map here: