Non FP meets on app

Trying to factor in mulan etc al in epcot on the app and was looking for the easiest way to allow for them. Is it just a case of putting breaks in, if so for how long.

For the record, my family and I will be arriving at cbr on Wednesday for our first ever wdw (for that matter USA) trip. Really getting excited

Put in breaks for them is the only way to add them. Plan on 20-30 minutes a character because sometimes the waits are long. Check out Kenny the Pirate blog for up to date character schedules for the different parks.

Thats great, thanks, think I have it okay.

Another question. If I want to factor in the train ride from Fantasyland to Frontier Land, is the 20 mins listed on the app for this Journey or is it a round trip back to same spot

I think the train is 20 minutes round trip. I don’t know how long the individual legs are. If you plan on the whole 20 minutes it will give you a few extra minutes for bathroom breaks throughout the day or have you arrive early to your next stop.