Non-believer DH wants YOUR feedback!

Alright my fellow WDW fanatics, my husband has agreed to a accompany me to WDW this October-November. When I returned last year from my first trip ever, I told him how wonderful it is, and that in spite of being 52, not having children and not having grown up watching Disney movies (or having a good childhood, in general) he would still love it. He is not convinced. He tells me it will be “Kennywood or Six Flags with a pulse” (our local amusement park).

I’ve told him that his childlike spirit that leads him to give to others even to the point of hurting himself, his love of laughter and just “being” there will bring out the love of it. He remains suspect.

He knows about how I found Liners, how much time and effort I put into the last trip, and how much you all love WDW, so he said I should post here for your feedback. He wants to be convinced. Help me convert him! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ETA: we haven’t been in a few years, but we have always enjoyed amusements parks and travel


I have always been the biggest Disney fan, but my boyfriend: not so much. The only reason he agreed to go with me was because he knew I loved Disney so much and was dying to go to Disney World. Leading up to our trip I started showing him all the movies, some of which he had seen but only as a young child, and others he had never seen before. He liked them, and together we’d listen to the soundtracks. He still was not excited about the trip, however. But sure enough, we went and he LOVED it. He was just as into the rides as me, and meeting the characters even. When we got back he was telling everyone that he loved it so much more than he expected to. Fast forward to present day and we are planning our next trip for this May (this time for a whole week!)


The shows. The themeing EVERYWHERE. The cleanliness. Ahh, the magic!!! I am sure tha some people view it as an amusement park but it is SO much more!!! We stay o sure and use Disney busses and just the sit back and not have to worry about anything is amazing. Of course we do FP and a few reservations but also find times to just explore the parks in the nooks and crannies.
I will say our first trip my DH didn’t get it either (and I had only been there 1 as a teen) but sitting on the ground, beer in hand, watching Illuminations for the first time. He almost had a tear in his eye as he thanks me for talking him into it.

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Let him know that Disney is not a theme park! It’s so, so much more than that!! On our first visit me and DH didn’t have high expectations, yeh we liked the films and thought it would be something different to do. Boy…were we blown away :joy: From the moment we hit the world, we couldn’t believe how magical it was. Not just in the big things you see, the castle, rides, fireworks, parades etc…it was the little touches. The CMs, so helpful and really wanting you to have the best time, how every detail is meticulously themed in the parks…the effort in this is amazing! How clean and safe it is, how there are so many dining options, to cater for all. We have been half a dozen times so far and we still haven’t seen it all and each time we go, it’s a different holiday with so many variations! It doesn’t matter how old you are, kids or none, you will have the most Magical time (not a cliche…promise!)
All of us on here can’t be be wrong…surely :wink:
JUST GO!!! :joy:

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In 2014, my mom and I took my kids for a week to Disney. I wanted to go back in 2016 so in February I began planning another trip for December 2016. My husband decides to go this time, but said he would only do it one time. While we were there, he stated he could do this 2-3 times a year. Then by the end of the trip we were talking about planning another trip in 2017. So we upgraded to annual passes and he even wanted to join the Disney Vacation Club! He hates all things Florida, but just went on and on about Disney and how wonderful it was. He was a non-believer, now he is all about Disney. It’s unlike any other ‘amusement park’ he has ever experienced.


DH always said that Disney was a waist of money. When he was 14 he went to DLR with his family and didn’t enjoy it at all so he saw no reason to ever take DD. I finally convinced him to take DD for her 6th birthday he fell in love! We now go every 1-2 years and he is more into Disney than both myself and DD. He often speaks of retiring in Florida so we can do WDW. We are also bringing my mother with us this year so we can have some adult time in the parks.


I think some important factors to consider are:

  1. WDW is such a vast complex that there’s something for EVERYONE - every age, every interest.
  2. Lots of stuff is very adult-geared and not really kid-focused at all (although kids may enjoy it): The shows at Epcot, and some rides like Pirates of the Carribean, Spaceship Earth, the Great Movie Ride, even Dinosaur. Kids may go on them but adults likely appreciate them more. And the restaurants! Mmm. So much good grown-up food.
  3. It’s fun to be a kid sometimes and just do kid like stuff. You can do that at WDW without feeling silly.
  4. Adults can be more flexible in their schedules and just spontaneously stroll and enjoy Epcot or the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney or rent a paddleboat or do whatever. Or ESPN bar on the Boardwalk if he’s a sports guy.
    So excited for you guys! Have fun!
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As an adult, what I love about Disney is just the overall feeling of Magic that comes with being there. Literally every conceivable want or need is thought of and catered to while you’re there- from wanting to be able to enjoy the scenery with childlike wonder or being pampered, from playing golf to having a glass of wine while watching Illuminations. Up early? There’s something (or nothing if you like!) to do. Late owl? Same thing! Want both? You can go back to the room and relax, and then start all over again in the late afternoon and go all night.

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I agree that Disney is not really like a typical amusement park. It really does not compare to a Six Flags. I don’t think you need to have grown up on Disney movies to enjoy it.

What does he like? I feel like there is something for everyone. It sounds like you would be there over Food & Wine, would that appeal to him? Does he really like Halloween? Does he like animals? Or even just focus on food. There are some excellent restaurants on property.

I think with a good plan (even if it includes lots of time to just explore, relax or be spontaneous) he would enjoy it.

Have fun!

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Disney!! Love it, cannot get enough of it. People wonder why one wants to go back over and over.

There are some who dislike it. Its too crowded. Too much planning. Whatever it does not click for everyone.

Why do I love it. It is a bubble. For a little while you can leave real life behind. You cross the gates if the disney properties and you are in a different world.

How to describe it to those who have never been. Its magic, its stepping back in time. Its a mindset. Its the general feeling you get around Christmas where people are friendlier, kinder. This is magnified and everyday at disney. Disclaimer yes some bad does happen. But most of it is wasily overlooked or fixed with disney magic.

There are rides and they are fun but only a part of what happens. The entire park and property is a stage. The cast members are the main players guiding and helping the magic. We are extra who get a taste of the magic. You step into history and imagination in disney. You are transported away from your life and surrounded by a warm feeling where everyone just wants everyone else to be happy.

It has to be experience. In some ways it is like planning a wedding. The more time out i to it before the big day. The more you can enjoy it while you are there. It pays off lrarning and planning. Even if you do not use a single plan you made and remade. You are more familar with the heartbeat that is disney. And things will flow better and you can enjoy and immerse yourself more.

Take time ti enjoy the magic. I. A place like six flags it is about how many ride you can get done. How big is the thrill.

Disney is about the total immersion.

I do not know if this has answered you or helped.


My 50 year old DH doesn’t like to travel and does not like crowds. He has now been 3 times - first at 40, second at 45 and again at 50. 1st 2 times with our two kids. Now empty nesters with kids in college we decided to go for our 25th Anniversary. I just love everything about it. DH says there is something for everyone. It’s a break from reality. A complete vacation even from driving. I wasn’t sure how it would be without the kids…it was AWESOME! 2 people can navigate the parks so much easier. If you don’t love rides, there are safari’s and bird shows, and fireworks and great people watching! The dining plan completes the trip. Who doesn’t love dinner out every night! Trust me, I live with a skeptic and he is sold!


I’ve been going to WDW since May 1972, when I was a preschooler. Of course, I married a man who grew up in Central America, who could not understand why I got excited about traveling so far to an amusement park…until he went for the first time. He’s a huge convert now. He says that we have so many happy memories at Disney parks, and he’s confident that every time we go he knows we will have a wonderful vacation. The food, the parks, Disney Springs, everything is just top notch!

I also have to say that the parks are a great escape from day to day stress and troubles. Last year, we were supposed to have a non-Disney vacation, but one of our children was murdered and we decided in the aftermath that we would take the youngest three kids to Disneyland so they could have a week of total fantasy and escape. It was a wonderful decision. We survived a week with five of us (including two teenagers and a 12 year old) in one hotel room and everyone was able to let go and really have a good time. If you go with the right attitude, the Disney magic will transport you.


I am so sorry to hear about your child. Glad the Disney magic gave you all a small escape from reality.


WOW… We are coming to WDW (2nd trip) from Australia after an initial trip to DL, on all trips my MIL has also come (she also goes in’between with my 45yo SIL) She loves it! our youngest is 14 and by no way a child. My husband 48 is the biggest "kid"of all, followed by his sister and mum… She is 70 and still jumps on the rides although has just said that there are a few that she might skip this time she has just had some heart issues, cant wait just some 240ish days to go, just hoping for a special. I dont think it matters how old you are Disney is such a magical place, even when it poured in LA in January it was magical… I hope he changes his mind, its so awesome… Disney is so much more than the coasters.

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Having visited both WDW and Kennywood (and splitting my lip on the Jack Rabbit) I can say without a doubt, he is mistaken. Part of me thinks you shouldn’t even try to convince him. He has agreed to go, and as you said, being there will bring out the love of it. So let it happen.

In our house we have the “smile and nod”. When someone KNOWS they’re right, and the other one can’t be convinced, we don’t keep pushing the subject, because the other will dig in their heels just as hard…or just for fun. So we just smile and nod - the other person will come to their senses soon enough…usually.

If he still wants to be convinced…here: I too enjoy travel - very much so. But there aren’t many places in the world where you can go that have been engineered for you to have a good time. No, not every trip will be awesome, but odds are in your favor with Disney. A trip to Disney is the closest you can get to buying happiness.

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