Non-advertised AP benefits and "freebies"

I jumped off the cliff and bought an AP the other day (got it at Sam’s at old 2019 price, saved $200!) and I’m wondering if there is a list somewhere of non-advertised benefits or “freebies” for APs. I know about the Food and Wine cutting board and Passholder magnets, but that’s about it. And I obviously know about the advertised benefits (dining discounts, early RunDisney registration, Passholder events, etc.). Any others?

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Something about how that is worded just sounds…wrong. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I’m interested as well.

Did you download the booklet?
One of the non-predictable benefits is the opportunity to try and reserve advanced access to new lands, most recently Star Wars. They did a similar advance access when Pandora opened. There’s also VIPassholder events, which are like after hours events only for passholders, at no charge. And don’t forget about memory maker!

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