Nomads queue

For Nomads, do we queue outside Nomads or Tiffins? Thank you.

There should be a podium or CM with an iPad at the main Tiffins entrance.

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They opened the queue at the Nomads’ outside bar area at 11.07. Tiffins entrance stayed closed until midday.

but it was one entrance? Did you try the waitlist inside MDE?

Yes, just one queue for Nomads. There was a rope across the patio and they dropped that and had a CM walk people to tables on the terrace or the inside lounge. The waitlist was closed on the app, but when we left I checked it again and it had opened, but only had availability for tables for two.

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It was a bit confusing, and I am sure that previously we entered Nomads via the main Tiffins’ entrance, but I think that both Tiffins and Nomads used to open at 12.00, whereas now Nomads opens at 11.00 and Tiffins opens at 12.00.

I queued at Nomad a few weeks ago at 10:30.
One party ahead of me. No CM until approximately 10:55.