Nomad Lounge

Hellooo, old friends and new! Happy to see some familiar folks still here. I’ve been skipping for a few yrs- taking a quick fam trip back, since our Costa Rica trip cancelled.

So I’m the one w a question - rather than an answering lady haha.

does it make any sense to expect a regular sized meal at Nomad Lounge (as if in Sanaa or Flame Tree lets say). Wondering if we put enough small plates together that could work.

It’s a short trip and a last minute one (1st week of Dec). Not done that b4- I’ve always booked everything up 9 months ahead. TIA!


Welcome back! I’ve never been to Nomad so I can’t help but wanted to say hi.

Better question to ask is “is it open” (looks like it from this article What is Still Closed at Walt Disney World? – Blog) and then, in what capacity is it operating. Hopefully someone with recent experience can chime in.

It’s open. I’ve seen families order a bunch of small plates to make a meal.

I was there in September.
You can definetly do that.
I was there solo and ordered the tuna bowl and the yucca fries and it was actually too much food and I’m not a light eater.


I’ve done this a few times before at Nomad. In fact, in any lounge on property, you can do this. I’m a big fan of eating lighter at meals, so I can snack here and there. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can and the food is delicious! (Was just there yesterday)

But a change from probably the last time you went, it’s not a hidden gem anymore. The secret is out and it’s always busy/full. If you want to sit when it opens at 11, get in line outside the door around 10:30. After it fills up in that first seating then you can put your name on the wait list and they’ll give you a time to return.


Thank you @missoverexcited for the welcome back! And thanks everyone for the responses.

@lauren_alicia - good to know it’s more crowded now - and good to know they’ll give us a return time. I was planning to have fam dinner there end of evening, since AK closes early that night, 7pm I think.

I wonder if I stopped by around 5pm and asked for a 7pm return time, they’d do that. I know fam will definitely want a second ride on FOP, right b4 closing, to reduce the line there.

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P>S> Also, if that plan didn’t unexpectedly work, we can always fall back on one of the counter service places. It’s a shortish trip, and we’re keeping it simple on the dining side this time.

You could try but how it works is they put your name on a list and text you when a table opens. You’ll have 45 mins??? (not sure about the mins) to show up or lose your spot. I over heard a family fussing b/c they were late (several hours) and the CM offered to put them back on the wait list.

You can easily have a nice light meal at nomad. The tuna bowl or the sliders in particular stand out to me as something quite substantial.

Oh it’s open. Not sure why it would look like it’s not unless you’re looking at it when it’s closed because of hours. But it has been open for a long long time since reopening. It’s operating in its full capacity. For best access, be in line about 20 to 30 minutes before opening and you’ll get your pick up tables, both inside and out. Otherwise do try to join the walk up list online but if it says it’s full take the time to go to the hostess station and asked to be placed on the list. Haven’t heard of anyone being turned away doing it that way even when the app says that list is full.

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I don’t believe they’ll do that. They’ll put you on the list and when they call you you have I think 10 minutes to report. But they will give you an estimation on your wait time when you put your name on the list.

Thanks for the good ideas, @ppehap and @OBNurseNH . Looks like our best bet is to walk up when we return to park, early eve, and see what they can do for us - and we can follow instructions per their estimates etc. Plan B of the counter places (Satuli would work, indoors, since could be chilly that night) we’ll keep as a back up. I seem to vaguely recall that Satuli might let us in right after that last ride on FOP?

And a shout out to @OBNurseNH . Nice to see you again!


Nice to see you back around too!

Did this very same thing last year. We at lunch at YnY court and dinner at Nomads. I had sliders and fries, DH has somethinng and something (dont remember) and we split an order of churros. We were plenty full. DO NOT PASS UP THE CHURROS! They are the best in all of WDW IMO.

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