Nomad Lounge... Fries minus the poutine?

I did Nomad Lounge in July and for the most part enjoyed it - especially that they are overall so gluten-free friendly. I was not a huge fan of the poutine - I am accepting the fact that I am not a truffle fan (unless it is the chocolate kind). Truffle oil and/or cheese just tastes like how dirty socks smell to me.

But since I loved the rest of it, I was thinking about going there on my next trip (3 weeks) and trying the ribs…but I would love to get some fries with them. Does anyone have experience asking for plain fries there? Obviously they would be pricey fries, hopefully not as pricey as with the truffle stuff on them, but… Is this possible? Or should I just get them from somewhere else and then have cold fries?

I don’t see why you can’t order plain fries because the poutine is a topping. I agree with you truffle oil is pretty gross especially on fries.


Go ahead and ask for plain fries. :fries: I’m sure it will be A-OK.

And truffle oil is the scourge of the earth. :nauseated_face:


As truffles grow underground you may be right. However bear in mind that they are a delicacy and foodies seem to like their flavour. I fee the same way about shellfish!

This word is code for, “No one in their right mind would otherwise eat this.”


Oh there’s nothing wrong with real truffles! It’s the truffle oil! Most truffle oils don’t contain any truffles at all…now, there are some quality ones that use the good stuff, but on the whole (and in most large-quantity restaurants, like at WDW), it’s the stuff of nightmares. :wink:

No one can like it. It’s the internet, and I say so! (That’s how this works, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

OK same for oysters :nauseated_face:

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Agreed on that!!