Noise level ratings in rooms

So in choosing a room, the quietness of it is important to me. Yes I can bring ear plugs which is not a problem, but what if one wanted to engage In a little late night…amour? Not that we are like the animals at AK, but I don’t want the world hearing my business. My top two resort picks, Contemporary and GF have some of the worst sound ratings. Just home much can you hear from other rooms?

Engage in a little late night armoire? I think that the sound of woodworking tools would disturb anyone, regardless of how well soundproofed the room is. :wink:

[EDIT] Oh drat, you fixed the typo. Now my joke won’t make much sense…


HaHaHaHa…I know…I just caught that and edited it. Guess I had Beauty and the Beast on my mind.

LOVED your comment!!! Thanks for the laugh. Hehe.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about the noise level - take this advice from Avenue Q:

You’ll always get at least a little ambient noise at any hotel. Typically nothing specific though. It’s much worse at the value resorts. As long as you are swinging from the chandelier and yelling like Tarzan or slamming things into the wall I’m sure you’ll be fine. Besides If you aren’t the one having to listen to it I wouldn’t worry about it lol.

but the chandelier swinging is the best part!..

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If it helps, Contemporary Garden Wing was pretty quiet… We occasionally heard kids running in the halls, but nothing in between the walls.

Thank you