Noise level at DVC GF and WL

I have been posting to figure out which resort to request for May of 2022. I am reading ratings of noise levels and GF and WL and both are rated F. What to do?
Does anyone have feedback on which is noisier. I did do a You Tube tour of WL with loud music piped in at the pool area.

This is stressful! I know BLT is rated A for quiet but just not Disney enough for 7 year old grand daughter.

All pools will have music playing. They play the music as part of the kids activities at the pool (during the day).

I have stayed at both GFV and CC and as I said on the other thread I have never been bothered by noise. I generally request high floor rooms (so water and toilets from above are not heard) and I have a sound machine app on my phone and iPad, so maybe that is why I never heard any noise?

POR was always loud. I have never had an issue with noise at a deluxe resort.

Oh! You are also planning on a 2 bedroom so people walking down the interior halls should not bother you.

All pool-view rooms have the potential for pool noise, except maybe the highest floors at BLT. That’s mostly a daytime thing, though. In my experience the worst external noise comes from the boat horns if you’re near a dock, because that starts early and continues until after the park closes.

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I live in New York City so take my comment with a grain of salt, but when we stayed in a 2-BR at Copper Creek, courtyard view, I didn’t find it to be noisy in the least. Those rooms were :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: truly the nicest Disney rooms I’ve stayed in. CC is the best.


Thanks, we have decided on Copper Creek if we can get in!


I just wanted to chime in and say that I’ve stayed in a 2 bedroom at both GF and WL and I can’t think of any noise for either! No matter what you choose/chose (and it looks like you’ve chosen WL!) it’ll be a great stay! The boats to MK definitely take a tiny bit longer than just walking or taking the monorail to MK, but it’s nothing that can’t be managed. Personally, I chose WL for a trip with my in laws a few years ago (Mother In Law, Father In Law, Sister and Brother In Law, niece and nephew, and my husband). During the trip, my Sister In Law chose to only go to MK with the kids, every single day… if I had known that she would not go to the other parks, I would have chosen Bay Lake Tower for the 10 minute walk! So that’s exactly what we are doing on our next trip: Bay Lake Tower! (And those 2 bedroom villas have 3 bathrooms!!!) But I completely understand not wanting to stay there because of the theming or maybe because of the price. But I did want to share my insight. :slight_smile: (EDIT: I probably should have mentioned that I’ve also stayed at Bay Lake Tower in a 2 bedroom as well. And it is my personal favorite.)

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If you get a theme park view BLT is great for kids. Mine loved being able to see MK out the window and being able to walk there is so nice.

I have not stayed at GF but I don’t recall Boulder Ridge being overly loud. I have not stayed in a Copper Creek room.