Noise from Spirit of Aloha

We are heading back to the Poly this summer. Our last two times we have stayed 3rd floor Fiji and LOVED it. But both times we were on the side facing the marina which was standard view then but has since been reclassified if I understand the changes correctly. I was planning to still request 3rd floor Fiji just facing the other direction because I know that is still a beautiful view. But I have read on TP’s and Tikiman’s descriptions that you can hear the drumming from the Luau on that side until well into the evening. I would love to hear some personal experience as to how loud that is with all your doors closed. On our park days I don’t care, but on our resort rest days I am sure our kids will be in bed before the late Luau is over. We aren’t typically bothered easily by noise but drumming as you are trying to fall asleep could be a different story.

We stayed in that building on the side nearest the Luau. We could hear the drumming until near to 10pm. But it was not at all constant. It was here and there, most noticeable at the very end. It was also not very loud but audible. It did not disturb us. But those with littles might want to request another area. We loved the location though.

Thanks! That is what I suspected but didn’t want to assume and then get there and have it sound like a drum circle was meeting in our hallway :slight_smile:

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Definitely not like that. A dullish sound, very rhythmic, even soothing.

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