No vlogging? Tokyo Disney (for now)

I am sure many of you have heard of Disney’s new ban on commercial vlogging and live streaming, in addition to their no recording on rides. And some are wondering (hoping) it spreads to the other parks.

While I would be a bit sad not to have Disney vlogs to watch between trips…I think I am in favor of this step. And here is just one small example as to why it might be a good idea…

Last night, we were watching Molly from (from last year) vlogging about the Festival of the Holidays. We were watching to see what food might be there when we go THIS year.

Anyhow, at one point in the video, she highlighted the game where you have to find where all the Olafs were in the countries…and then proceeded to show us where Olaf was, exactly. Not just a photo, but zooming in or out to reveal where to find Olaf. Basically, if you had wanted to play the game yourself, she had just ruined the experience.

So, what do you all think? Should this ban carry over to the other Disney parks?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

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My vote is no.
If the reason not to have vlogs is that something could be spoiled, you could just not watch them…


I didn’t know she was going to spoil the game. She actually looked like she was taking pleasure in spoiling, versus other vlogs I have seen where they just show one Olaf, not in any context, to show that there is a game.

That isn’t the only reason…it was just one I happened to experience last night.

I remember someone on these forums reporting about dealing with a vlogger recording and narrating the ride (I think it was MMRR) seated next to them and how it ruined the experience for them.


I think as long as the vloggers can vlog without disrupting the guest experience at the park then keep goimg. I Love watchimg vlogs from home in between trips. When I am at the parks its nice to see them but cant stand when you see people on a ride recording and talking to thier camera loud or have their phone or camera on super bright on dark rides. It is distracting and downgrades my experience. So I say stay but be respectful for the guests around you and I will continue to enjoy watching when I get home.


I could see not allowing recording on attractions.

It would be pretty extreme to ban vlogging in parks in the U.S. Besides, it gives a TON of free advertising.


But…how does Disney enforce this? It is a problem. Not everyone experiences it, but many do. So you have a case of those NOT being respectful resulting in ruining it for others.

I voted yes but I find that I personally am over these “personalities” and “influencers”. I fully understand that most people don’t feel the same way as I do, and it will never happen, but thank you for allowing me to vote on it :wink:


Ok. But my point is there are steps between extremes.
Trip reports can technically spoil something.
Why should everyone miss out on watching vloggers because someone’s sense of “spoiling” occurred.

I really have no iron in this fire. I never watch Disney vlogs and only watched UOR to get my kids interested. I just think someone who may be sensitive to something being spoiled could self select not to watch them.

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Again…the spoiling was one MINOR example. Don’t get too caught up on that one case. It was just something I was keenly aware of happening LAST NIGHT.

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Does TP still do in park vlogging?

Yeah not sure they can. However if guests complain it may become an issue for the vloggers so it would be in thier best interest to be respectful I would think?

I also voted yes. I feel that everything is overexposed these days, and I think a little more mystery could be nice.

Now, to qualify, I don’t watch, so it would not change anything for me.

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Interesting question. Personally I wonder at times if Disney is quietly smiling all way to the bank considering how much all these vloggers “promote” Disney products. Still, Disney is going to do what Disney wants. So I didn’t vote. Frankly I find other guests who crowd in front of me and raise their cell phones above their heads blocking my view more irritating as they record parade and/or fireworks sort-of-events. Experience that way too much on every trip. Only once did I encounter a vlogger. It was last April. I walked past Pete Warner recording something in the lobby of the GF. He was finished and gone is a flash. Never saw it online either. But still enjoyed unexpectedly seeing a video personality live. :star_struck:

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That was me.

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I voted yes, but I think there’s a middle ground somewhere between “total ban” and “give them actual incentives to make their videos”.

If the parks ban recording on rides or while walking (and I think they should) and stop giving any incentive or preferential treatment to social media stars then I think that’s a start.

Another idea is limit video on rides or while walking to specific media days for invited people only.

The way they enforce this is not necessarily by going after people in the parks… it’s by having the videos removed for violation. That not only makes it clear to the vlogger that is not allowed, it also screws up their metrics and they won’t want to risk that.


I suppose the issue is how do they distinguish between vlogging and people just recording for themselves?

I don’t watch a lot of them but I do like a few, mostly the un-narrated ones that don’t feature actual “personalities” in them, other than maybe at the beginning. For example ResortTV1.

And Disney are well aware of the ones who are making money out of it. So they could do something if they wanted to. The reality is it’s free publicity.

And during the years I haven’t been able to go I have at least been able to choose to watch live streams from the parks.

On balance I guess I’m OK with it.

But a huge booooo to Molly for the spoilers. Hopefully her followers will express their dismay at her, and maybe she’ll edit the vlog.


I watched that same video and did not get that impression at all. That would put her out of a job too. I think that’s a bit harsh and I spend some of my downtime using these types of videos as research so no I don’t like that. The other day I just put on every single Disneyland ride thru in the background while I did other things. It’s like nice wonderful calming background music. Plus that’s cat is out the bag. With regards to Olaf, you’re watching last year’s this year so Olaf will not be in the same spot. Also, having watched that same video just last week in preparation for my December trip I have no remembrance whatsoever of where she found Olaf. She did it so quick and it was a very small piece of the overall video. When she did the new Star Wars hotel she announced spoilers so that would be sufficient and maybe you could send her a recommendation saying so.


Yup! These people are influencers, influencing you to want to go to Disney. 100% it’s free advertising which is why they often get invited and treated like royalty for things like the grand opening of the Halcyon and the Dessert parties, etc. Why would Disney punish their influencers in this way over just not allowing the ones that often say negative things for free to these events which is what they currently do.


Yes, this. I have personally never experienced a vlogger in person so it’s never ruined the experience. I do like the quiet videos with music. Those are my favorite ones of cruise ships cuz some of those cruise ships personalities are super annoying. I prefer relaxing and just visually taking it in. I really enjoy watching these things from home, it calms me and reminds me of past trips, etc. But yes, they shouldn’t be allowed to ruin it for other guests by talking thru a ride describing the ride. That’s just weird.