No virtual line for SWGE?

I read this today on a news site (actual news site, not a rumor site or anything):

The new bathroom pass allows riders to leave the line, head to the restroom, and then re-enter through the FastPass line where they’ll wait in a holding area for the rest of their party. The bathroom pass – a lanyard with the Queue Re-Entry Pass attached — will be given to the rider by a Disney employee. The pass will be available to customers in the Smugglers Run line when it opens and at the Rise of the Resistance queue when the second Galaxy’s Edge attraction debuts later this year.

This suggests that Disney doesn’t intend to offer a virtual line, as I’ve heard some rumors suggest. There would be no need for a bathroom pass if there was a virtual line.

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Virtual lines do not allow for crowd control. Making people stand in a queue ensures they are in a queue and not (gasp) allowed to willy-nilly enjoy other aspects of the park. I would guess virtual lines would increase crowds dramatically.

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I agree. I actually prefer Disney NOT use virtual lines for that very reason. If people WANT to see SWGE that much, they will need to be willing to wait (IMO) and not impact the wait time of everyone else.

But I figured it was worth posting this as a kind of confirmation. It still doesn’t suggest how they will do things at WDW.


I thought this was confirmed for WDW too. It was announced they were doing it at FOP to start with, although they had already been giving out the card and letting people come back through the standby line, not the FP line.

Virtual lines are important for people who cannot stand in a queue for long periods of time, it is not just for “willy-nilly” enjoyment of the park. So I would assume the virtual line will remain. My son has ASD, a bathroom pass will not work in this instance.

I think once the hype dies down after a year or two they will add fast passes to the rides. But this is an excellent way for crowd control.

It wasn’t a criticism of virtual lines, it was a joke about how Disney would never allow anyone the comfort or enjoyment of not waiting in a queue if it meant sacrificing their crowd control capabilities. Sorry for the confusion!

The DAS pass will always be used, but there was speculation that there would be a virtual queuing system so that nobody had to actually queue up, at least not for a long time.

Pretty sure they mean there is a virtual line to get into the area, but the bathroom pass was for waiting in the attraction queue.

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Yes. That’s the idea. I know initially they are setting up a reservation system. So it isn’t EXACTLY a virtual line to get into the area, but effectively is. Once in the land, however, it sounds like the ride(s) themselves will have a normal queue line. Otherwise the bathroom pass is pointless.

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Also from a news site, not a rumor site, this is what is known about the “virtual line” and as stated above, it’s purely for entry to the land. Once you’re in it, there’ll likely be queues for everything, including a massive one for the lone attraction necessitating that bathroom pass which you speak of.

No reservations will be needed to enter Galaxy’s Edge beginning June 24. Disneyland is developing a virtual queue system for Galaxy’s Edge that will allow visitors to wander around Disneyland while waiting to enter the new Star Wars land.

The digital system will issue a “boarding pass” that will provide visitors access to Galaxy’s Edge. Boarding pass groups will be permitted to enter Galaxy’s Edge as the land empties rather than at specified times.

Beginning June 24, there will no longer be any restrictions on how long visitors can stay in Galaxy’s Edge. While entry to Galaxy’s Edge will be controlled, visitors will be able to leave through any of the land’s three entry points.