No towels at BW pool?

I recall previous posts that the Boardwalk Pool does not supply towels. We are staying at BWV for 2 nights but for a split stay.

I am packing. To pack a towel or not pack a towel. That is the question.

Wow-I thought all the pools at Disney supplied towels. We are staying there soon too so I’m curious if someone knows the answer to this as well.

We were there last August and they had towels. I think every Disney pool provides them.


I thought this too, but remembered a thread where people were saying they don’t always have them and that is a problem when you are staying DVC. So I thought .I would double check here!

When will you be there?

I guess it’s possible the quiet pools could run out, but I wouldn’t think it’s often an issue.

We are there July 10-12.

I was thinking this too…

Oh, before us then. I was hoping I could answer your question before you were there.

It’s my understanding all Deluxe resorts provide towels at the pools. But, how quickly they restock when they run out I don’t know.

I will be sure to answer it for you then!



I can officially confirm - lots of towels!


Awesome!! Thanks for the update.