No standard rooms at ASMo next year at all?

I’m pricing up next summer’s trip and I cannot find a standard room at ASMo on any date I try at all. Only preferred.

Anyone know why this might be?

DIsney recognizes your IP address and is messing with you.


Have you tried on the US site or just the U.K. one?

I saw someone else recently say they couldn’t find anything at WL on the U.K. site. I suggested they switch to the US site and bingo!

Just change the globe to the US option, and try again.

If you’ve already tried that, and tried after clearing cookies, then I’m out of ideas.

Bingo indeed. Regular rooms available. US ticket prices are nuts, so I’d buy the UK ticket separately. (Or upgrade my December ticket to an AP?)

But that means I’m room only, so no dining plan.

US room cancellation terms are much more advantageous.

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I may not care any more. I’d like to stay in the Toy Story section, and those rooms are all preferred.

You can’t book a room only with a dining plan online, but you can call in and add a dining plan to a room only. Have you priced the difference between a UK package and a US room only + dining plan + AP upgrade? Are you eligible for all the same AP benefits as US residents? You may want to calculate those potential savings too. A dining plan may not even be worth it. And you may be able to get a great discount on the room later if you have an AP.

Were you looking at free dining? They’ve stopped offering it with standard rooms a lot of the time. At POFQ you had to have garden view this time.

I’m just curious when you are looking to book, I am in the US and I couldn’t find anything for May 2020!

I have 2 standard rooms booked for the week before Memorial Day. I just looked it up and there are rooms till available.

You can do dining Plan as a ticketless package. At least in the US you can.