No-Soarin' - wait times on other rides

Does anyone have a sense of how the temporary closure of Soarin’ is affecting wait times for other rides? I’m thinking people will run for Test Track in the morning, as there isn’t any other choice. Anyone notice a difference?

This is a tough one to predict.
We were there from 1/17 -1/25. That was value season and some of the lowest crowds usually. We found Epcot pretty quiet. The Soarin’ closure was almost inconsequential. We noticed the typical wait times were the same as they were at the same time the previous year.

I think what it may affect more broadly is bigger crowds at MK and AK. HS has so many things closing that a lot of people are skipping it.

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Good points about the other parks. I hadn’t thought about that.

My thing is that we always run for Test Track in the mornings. Now, without Soarin’, presumably the people who would have run for that ride will also be running for Test Track. I like to get us on to Test Track right away and then repeat, if the line up isn’t to big, but without Soarin’, I’m worried we might be out of luck on that second time around.

Maybe do it once with FPP and once single rider unless you have small children.

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TT isn’t that much of a draw for me, so I’m not crushed - or even terribly disappointed - if I miss it. If I do want to try to do both, I get a FPP for TT and do Soarin’ at RD. I choose this option because TT has a reputation of opening late, and I don’t want to waste time standing in line waiting for it to open. I did this the last trip with DW because she had not had a chance to see the “new” version of TT yet. When I’m solo, I get the FPP for Soarin’, and if the single rider line is short enough at RD, I’ll do TT. If it’s already long, I’ll just skip it.

I read somewhere (can’t confirm) that with Soarin’ down, MS has been moved up to Tier 1. As I like MS much better than TT, I would get the FPP for it, and use the SB/SRL approach for TT. But as I have no plans to be there between now and the end of the summer, it’s all notional for me.

Come summer, the dynamic of EP touring could seriously change. Strong rumors are that TT, Soarin’, and the new Frozen ride will all be tier 1; this could lead to some interesting “family dynamics” as the three rides “target” three different populations (e.g. DS15 wants to do TT, DD8 wants to do Frozen, and DH/DW wants to do Soarin’)…

Agreed. I want to do Frozen, DH and DS pick TT. I also want Soarin which they don’t care about.