No Rooms the week of November 13th?

I’ve been trying to add an additional room at GF for my mom the week of Nov. 13th, and there is nothing available…at most hotels in wdw…I’m just wondering why the resort and crowd levels aren’t higher for the weeek of November 13th if there are no rooms?

I just did a search with the dates of Nov 10-16th and many choices came up including GF.

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Sometimes one day off in the search criteria makes a difference in the results you get.

That or the box is checked for a promotion that isn’t available for the dates you’re searching for. That has happened to me too. Go into one that is showing available and change the promotion that is checked, then search for any resort and it will show all available with that promotion.

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Really??? I wonder if it’s because I’m logged in and already have a trip booked! Thanks everyone!

My dates are 13th -19th. It think it’s because of the weekend.