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Hello Disney Experts!!
So I have decided that I may try to use my unused tickets (before they expire) in late September… I figured it may be lower crowds because of the big celebration starting in October. But there are hardly any hotels available!!
Is it going to be super busy then? Do you think they are going to release more rooms??

It “feels like” what is out there is what is available. Ergo if you see no rooms, there are no rooms.

They just announced the reopening of POR, POFQ, and ASMu and I’m pretty sure both of those are after the 10/1 reopening (I’m just back from a trip and still catching up with news from while I was away).

I would say keep checking as room availability is dynamic. I happen to personally know of a 9/30-10/4 reservation at CBR that will be released shortly (it’s mine - we’re not going at that time anymore). So keep checking; as the timeframe you’re looking at gets closer, people will solidify plans and rooms may open.

Good luck!


And as for crowd levels… if there are no rooms available is it going to be crazy there??

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I personally know of a 9/7-22 CSR room which will be released in about a week (because I won’t need my leading reservation any more). :slight_smile:


It will be almost back to normal, but with those last hotels not opening until later in October, it won’t be 100% normal yet.

Around the 50th though will be as bonkers as the capacity cap at that time will allow

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And I’ll be releasing an All Star Movies reservation for 9/10-9/21 that is also a leading reservation for dining.


Definitely keep checking every day, eventually something will open up. You might also check for a reservation for a longer stay than what you need (like 10-14 nights) and if there is availability, book it and then call to shorten to the days you.want. I noticed when booking that sometimes there was availability for a longer stay when a shorter stay within those dates was not available.

When you check, make sure you don’t have any discounts clicked. Go into one of the available ones and click “Room” then re-do the search for All Resort Hotels and see if more pop up.

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thanks everyone!! You were all right and I got a reservation.
But I don’t understand why I can’t get the 25% off as I am going before Sept 29…??

The discount is not on every room/room type. It is only on certain ones. When you were seeing nothing available, it means that all the rooms allocated for the discount were sold out. Only rooms at rack rate were available.

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