NO Resorts until June 1st

Don’t do it, sir. :wink:

Oh, I already have DAH for AK booked from months ago. I was just curious to see if they blocked the ability to schedule the event into May.


I do feel badly that your trip, so long awaited, is impacted by this. I hope you are able to rebook all for a future date and have the trip you were planning

Thanks. We have a backup rental home scheduled for mid August. I am slowly resigning myself to the fact…but I can’t fully concede defeat for our May trip yet. Let’s just call it a trip to the land of De Nile.


It goes on for Niles and Niles and Niles.

Can’t wait for that cheesy Jungle Cruise Script.

Off to find a video!


Yeah, I think we are shifting our Early May Disney trip to a Florida beach trip, and hope for an After Hours party during the week.

My Animal Kingdom Lodge reservation for April 19 is no longer showing in MDE and I can’t re-add it, but I haven’t received any confirmation of cancellation in my email. Anyone else experiencing hotel reservation disappearing?

My reservation starting April 28 is still present in MDE

Just saw someone post on FB about huge church gatherings in Tampa where they have a Stay at Home order. :woman_facepalming:

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Yucatán mayor just lost it and announced 3 year jail and 3500usd fine for anyone breaking curfew with Covid-19 or Covid-19 like symptoms. Bet we won’t see any Yucatán churches full now… about time!!!


As my daughter said, there is no cure for stupid.

The problem is, they are putting others at risk.


Same! I can’t. Let. My. May. Trip. Go. :sob:

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My wife and I had “the conversation” last night. Wondering about possibly moving our May trip to June. The house we are renting in May has dates open during mid-June, so I think we could switch without losing anything (hopefully)…but it is more promising, based on all the June 1st related Disney activity, that June 10 (the alternate date we are looking at) might be a good option to switch to.

Actually, we didn’t decide…we have to have more conversations with the kids and such.

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I hear you on that @ryan1 . When we went last sept, we almost left due to Dorian. We stayed and crowds were super low.

We had decided to leave before WDW days began (and wife was in hospital in Celebration too). The tears were hard to watch, However, after talking to locals we decided to stay. FYI: the FL coast heads to orlando to safety.

We are scheduled to fly in on 5/29 and stay with family. On 6/1 we are driving to WDW & checking into Pop. Our park days are only 6/2 & 6/3. Our flight times are the only thing that’s changed at this point and now we leave for home later on 6/4.
I work in the health dept. and DH is a lineman, so we are both essential workers & have been working through out all of this. If it’s safe to do so, we still plan to get away. We purchased 2 day park tickets, no hoppers. I’m wondering if they will let us not use the tickets and save them for a future trip if we feel the parks aren’t an option.
Currently, I believe Florida has a 14 day self quarantine rule if flying/arriving from the tri-state area. We are in NJ. If that rule is still in place I can’t imagine Jet Blue won’t let us cancel our flights.
That is of course assuming neither one of us gets this damn thing and have to be isolated.

Weird twist…

Maybe you’ll both get it before then, be fully recovered, and thus immune and no need to quarantine when traveling!

Ok. I tried to make it work.

Yes. This is possible. You may have to pay the difference in the price of the tickets, but this is allowed even when there is no pandemic involved.

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Honestly, I think I already had it. Based on the interviews from COVID19 positive patients I’m doing, the only thing I didn’t have at the time was a high fever and that’s since been shown not to be a symptom everyone has. I was originally told I had a viral infection, then pneumonia. It was a rough 3-4 weeks. (Not compared to those in the hospital - I was lucky - but I felt horrible for over a month.) I also lost my sense of smell and taste which has now come out a symptoms.


Sorry if I missed this - when were you sick and where approximately do you live?