No QS @ Yacht Club?

What do people do, hit up Hurricane Hanna’s over and over again, or just resign themselves to the expense of Table Service for the duration of their stay?

We ate in the parks…EPCOT is so close.


Also, the Pizza Window and Boardwalk Bakery (which has deli sandwiches) are close by. The QS at beach club is also close but not very good IMO.


Stayed at yacht club a few times - generally eat at Epcot, over indulge on ice cream (beaches and cream, ample hills, dolphin), crews cup or Hurricane Hannah’s.It’s fine and works well for us


There’s a place that does burgers and so on, just off the lobby.


They also added a small QS area in the store, similar to BC.


The Market at Ale & Compass is a Counter Service location at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Simple convenience is the name of the game, with a focus on grab-and-go items. However, hot sandwiches, specialty desserts — and even a coffee bar — round out the options nicely.

Service: Counter Service and grab-and-go

Type of Food: Sandwiches, Coffee, and Grab-and-Go

Location: Yacht Club Resort, Walt Disney World


Is it QS, or are we talking the Ale & Compass?

The full name is The Market at Ale and Compass, which is QS.

There is also the Ale and Compass restaurant, which is TS.

Yes… but not the place that offers burgers, as far as I can see. By that sentence, I think he’s referring to the actual Ale & Compass?

When I think of burgers in that area I think of Crew’sCup, but it has reduced hours now and it is a lounge so it does not accept the dining plan.

This place. It wasn’t at YC the last time we stayed there. We even said we wouldn’t stay at YC anymore because they didn’t have a quick service. But they added this but haven’t seen it myself yet.

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It seems like there are a ton more options at Boardwalk… but I’d lose Stormalong. Of course I could walk to Boardwalk to eat, but not an ideal workaround. Hmmm.

Boardwalk Bakery is really the only QS at BWI and you have to leave the resort to go to it?

Looking at videos, it looks like QS (or QS equivalent) spots at BW include: Boardwalk Bakery; The BWI To-Go Cart; Pizza Window; Leaping Horse Libations. You do have to go outside, which would be a drag if it’s raining for sure.

It isn’t too long of a walk from YC to BW, probably 5-10 minutes without stoping. When we stayed at BC, we walked every morning over to Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast. We also walked over to Ample Hills for ice cream one night, and we ate lunch at the Pizza Window one day. All 3 are well worth the walk over. Like I mentioned earlier, the QS at the Beach Club Marketplace is close but it was pretty lame, with a few dried out flatbreads on the menu.

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What I really want is Yacht Club, but I can’t reconcile the lack of QS. We can’t do TS every meal… or prepackaged ham sandwiches.

My resort target is like a hamster turning in his wheel… I started with Contemporary, but the lack of tangible theming and the bus terminal vibe are turnoffs. Our first love is the Wilderness Lodge, but we want a change. Yacht Club is lovely but I’ve already laid out my issue there. And Boardwalk has a lot going for it, but to choose a hotel with a cannibal hobo clown pool theme when Stormalong Bay is right across the way seems perverse.

I honestly wouldn’t let the lack of QS at YC deter you from staying there. If anything, I think you have more QS options within walking distance around Crescent Lake than at any other resort on property.

No other resort has a pool like Stormalong Bay. And none of the resorts have a stellar QS that would warrant you making your decision based on that. Lots of people think Capt Cooks at the Poly is the best resort QS, but really, it’s just mediocre cafeteria food.


I hear that. This is the context, though. On our last trip, we went buck wild with the TS. Like, biblically stupid with it. We came back and got that Visa bill and immediately resolved that we had to scale it back next time, and opt for more QS burger/pulled pork/pepperoni flatbread action… which is, of course, predicated on the assumption that such is available at the resort we’re staying at. Roaring forks isn’t blowing my mind at Wilderness Lodge (as one example), but at least it exists.

Typically, when we get back from the park, the fam goes up to the room in WL exhausted, gives me their order, I go down the elevator to Roaring Forks, grab 3 combos, and come back up. Changing the sentence in my head to “I walk 10 minutes around a lake, then walk 10 minutes back with their food” doesn’t sound quite as appealing. I’m probably being a baby about it, it’s not the end of the world, but not ideal.

You definitely have me thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to write off YC.

I’d look at it maybe a little differently.

  • If you are an EP and HS fan, you cannot go wrong with BC, YC, or BWI, because you can walk to either park in less than 20 minutes. No waiting for buses or monorails, no dealing with big crowds trying to get back to their resorts. That will save you time and energy, enough that walking over to Boardwalk Bakery before heading into EP is really effortless. If Stormalong Bay is important to you, I seriously think that should take precedence over availability of food options. And FWIW, Hurricane Hanna’s is decent.

  • If you are a MK fan, stay at the Contemporary. it is a little more sterile, but you can walk to MK in 5 minutes. What it lacks in theming for me is made up by having a monorail wiz through the center of it.

we’ve stayed at the 3 monorail resorts, BC, and YC. After this last visit, I think BC has climbed to the top of list of favorite resorts (and we ate QS for at least 2/3 of our meals).