No more solid regular MagicBands?

I’m helping my nephew plan a DisneyWorld visit with his young family and after using my new MagicBand+ last week, I suggested to him to stick with the regular solid color bands (that don’t need to be charged each night). But I don’t see any regular solid color bands available for the discounted purchase with his onsite room reservation. What’s been the availability? Trip in Feb so we have some time to order.

It was hit or miss for us, but we kept waiting and eventually a slew of solid regular MBs popped up. Not sure if they’re now fully pushing everyone into the MB+ or what.

Keep in mind - the magic band + will work the same as the older magic bands if it hasn’t been charged. The charge is just required for the special effects like interaction with the statues. when the battery is dead or turned off it functions at touch points just like the old ones. There have been some of the non-plus bands showing up in the discounted checkin purchase but seems limited at times, either due to stock/shipment or other inventory issues I guess.

I needed two magic bands for our June 2022 trip. Thankfully two of us still had bands.

Maybe in February or March I started looking at Disney online. I can’t recall if I was logging in on their website or using MDE. There were usually one or two plain bands and a few fancy ones. Rarely the same ones.

I think it was early May when I saw two plain bands in colors that would work. They arrived about 10 days before our trip.

If I hadn’t found any in time I was going to look at WDW. They were approx $10 each.

I’ve heard all your bands need to be ordered at the same time.

We just ordered our 3 year a band for our upcoming trip and they only had raspberry. That wasn’t a color option a few months ago when the rest of us ordered bands so it seems like they’re uploading inventory sporadically but I wouldn’t expect to see magicband 2.0s much longer. Everything will be plus.

Regular magic bands dropped this morning for resort guest, go get,‘‘em while they have them


Thanks very much for posting this! Because of your heads up, I was able to order regular Magic Bands today for my family’s trip next month.