No More MM Sharing?

I cant confirm, so I dont know if it’s true or not, just asking if others know/heard this. Memory Maker will only download un-watermarked photos for the AP holder/owner with the new changes to tickets.

For example, my son is an AP holder and has always downloaded our trips together. He and a friend went to Headless Horseman last night. Only his pictures came through unwatermarked. A friend (non AP) traveling with him, on Friends and Family, has watermark.

In other words, the AP person, owner of MM, is the only one to tap in for photos. Disney found a way to stop MM shares :thinking:

It’s always been the case that only the person who actually bought the MM has unwatermarked pics.

Is this true for families? I mean, if I get the MM through the AP (or pay for it separately) are you saying that any pictures with my wife or kids, even though we are on the same MDE account, would not be unwatermarked photos?

Yes. Theirs would be watermarked when they view them on the app and you’d need to download them.

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As long as your band is scanned, the pictures will not be watermarked. If your wife and child get pictures elsewhere in the parks, and scan their hands, it may show watermarks

My son traveled with a non AP friend last night to Headless Horseman. They both scanned separately. Only my son’s is without watermark. His friend is not AP and is watermarked. This is what I’m asking about and if others have encountered the problem. I know that all AP holders can download. It looks like Disney is preventing AP from downloading other friends pictures.

Looking on his own MDE, my son is the only unwatermark. Friend traveling with him, linked on MDE, is watermarked.

But if I download them, the watermark is gone? That’s fine, since we only need a single account to download them. But I fully expect that my kids will do things without me being there. That shouldn’t mean I shouldn’t get full rights to, for example, their ride on Splash Mountain.

Otherwise I call MAJOR RAT on Disney for that. What family would pay the ridiculous price that MM is for each family member?

That’s my thought too Ryan and I’m hoping this is not the case. It makes it very hard for families to share pictures. I get that Disney found a way to stop MM share groups, but this, if true, creates major inconveniences that are not needed.

So if your son downloads them, the watermark is still there?

Yes that’s the way it has worked. Now if @Disney_Denise is saying her son is unable to download pics that others on his MDE have scanned for, that’s new.

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I see that someone has replied on chat saying that there was no problem in them downloading a non-AP friend’s pics last night.

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You have to download them to get rid of the watermark. And only the person who bought MM can do that and get the photos without the watermarks.

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I’m hoping son just had a blip on his account last night. Weve never had problems sharing pictures. I’m just asking if any others encountered this. Glad to see the response on chat.

Yes, his friend with him is non AP and his pictures are watermarked. I’m hoping its a single incident.

God knows there are enough blips with Disney IT to go round!


That was me on chat.

I have AP, my sister doesn’t. She arrived last night, we’re arriving today.

I was able to see her pics from Halloween party last night without watermark and download/save them to my phone for use.

I did this this morning.

Not sure how it relates to OP’s problem, but it worked for me.


Thank you! This was the validation I was hoping for. Not sure why son’s AP was showing watermarks on friends and family on his MDE, but with all the problems with MDE right now, I’m not surprised. I can’t imagine the major inconveniences this would cause families.

When your son downloads them the watermarks should disappear.

When we went, if I looked at them on my iPad, the watermarks were there. And when DH looked at the ones where I or the boys scanned in, the watermarks were there.

But when he downloaded them, those all disappeared. It’s the download that gets rid of the watermarks regardless of who scanned; looking at them through MDE still showed them.

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Eh, it’s more like adult son is tired of downloading for his aggravating mom (me). I’m not AP, but he is and I do go 3-4 a year. Thank you though