No more bantering during Frozen Sing Along?

I was listening to the Dis Unplugged and they mentioned that Disney cut away the jokes/bantering by the “historians” during the Frozen Sing Along show in HS and that it is strictly a Sing Along only now. Can anyone who has gone in recent months confirm this? If this is true, I’m going to have to cut this out of my TP as the adults in my group had really liked the comedy. It made the rest of the show tolerable. :sweat_smile:

Still contained the banter on May 20. That’s the best part besides the snow :slight_smile:

Still had banter on 5/31

There were still jokes on June 2nd. Loved it.

Still jokes on June 9th and they were FABULOUS!!! If you don’t follow EquityBen on Instagram (he is one of the historians and my absolutely favorite!) you definitely should!


We were there on June 12th and there were still plenty of jokes . . . my sister even commented after it was over, “I forgot how corny the historians were.” :rofl:

I heard that if EquityBen is performing it is as funny as you remember!

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Thank you everyone for the reassurances! It’s back on the TP! :grin:

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I believe he is leaving to go somewhere else? Maybe HDDR if I remember correctly? Maybe that is the report?

Oh no! He was the best! And I had decided to cut HDDR from my plan, now I’m wavering again,

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Show was great last week, saw it twice (2nd time with EquityBen) and it was great both times.
Some of the jokes were the same, but the ad-libbing was different each time.


Originally the historians as you call them were different people. They have changed a few times but they have all been hilarious. I don’t see them skipping the banter as you call it because it doesn’t take a genus to see they are the show. :rofl: