No more agency exclusives?

I filled out the general form and just got connected with whatever agent they chose. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with one of the recommendations on this forum.

STA - My agent is doing a fine job, she’s very nice, but I’m not sure she’s as responsive and helpful as some of the others. I think it may be a part time job for her.

A couple of their agents are liners. One of them has posted both here and on chat I can link the TP contact thread for liner TAs if you want . I would email direct. The referral link does not always work.

In case you want it;

You are looking for Magical Vacations Travel agents. There are a couple of agencies with similar names.

thanks @kerrilux and @PrincipalTinker! the insight and link are really quite helpful! i was leaning to a direct agent email but didn’t want to do so if it was better to go the general route.

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