No more agency exclusives?

I had one of the Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks agents tell me that Disney “will no longer be offering Travel Agencies “Exclusive” rates” and they will just be able to quote rack rates.

Had anyone else heard similarly from PDPH or from MVT?

I guess we’ll be looking to rent DVC points for savings from here on out…

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I haven’t heard this and really hope it isn’t true.

My MVT agent is on vacation. She had advised everyone on her “waiting list” that she would give quotes when she got back or we could book a package ourselves and transfer it to her when she got back. She highly recommended booking a package with Disney to start with. She then indicated that anyone booked with her already would be prioritized for discounts and agency exclusives. I get the feeling they are expecting high demand. The agent is on vacation until 6/25, so we will see if she says anything when I transfer my package to her.

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We booked with MVT yesterday at rack rate. I was told there are no discounts now but we would have first priority of having them applied later on if and when they become available.

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In light of this, and how Disney has been doing things lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if it won’t be long before Disney won’t allow tickets to be sold at a discount through places like Undercover Tourist. Other amusement parks are already doing this kind of thing…where the cheapest price you can get is what they sell on their own website.

That is merely conjecture, not rumor, to be clear.

My PHPD agent hasn’t indicated that there won’t be agency exclusives next year. Honestly, I’m not sure why Disney would stop letting them buy convention blocks of rooms. I mean, maybe if they think they can book all the rooms themselves, but with the agency exclusives it’s the agency taking on the risk - Disney gets their money whether the agency sells all the rooms or not. Now, I can see the deals not being as good and being more limited - MVTs labor day offer was not that great this year when compared to previous years – but I doubt we’ll see this option eliminated entirely in 2020.


I inquired to my Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks agent this morning about 2020 agency exclusives and got the same response, none for 2020.

This is what I got told…

As we all know, things are ever changing. At this time, the Walt Disney Travel Company will not be contracting with agencies, or directly with guests, for discounted room and tickets for 2020. However, we will continue to offer Agency Exclusives for the remainder of 2019.

This sucks big time, like the OP guess I will give DVC a try in order to save some money.


All I can think is that Disney feels that Galaxy’s Edge and then the big anniversary will fill their rooms without having to offer discounts. I hate it, but from a business perspective it makes sense. Time will tell.

I emailed MVT this morning, and this is the response I received…so it sounds like they are still expecting to have agency exclusive rates next year.

" Agency Exclusive packages have not been released yet, just what Disney is offering.

We are anxiously awaiting our 2020 Agency Exclusive Offers, and with the full opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge approaching, we highly recommend that you book a regular Magic Your Way package as soon as possible, so that you can be assured that you have your preferred resort/reservation. In addition, any of our clients who have a regular Magic Your Way package booked for 2020, will take priority when 2020 discounts and/or our Agency Exclusive Offers are released, whichever comes first."

Fingers crossed that they do get 2020 Agency Exclusive Offers.

Yep, pretty much what I got from my TA at MVT.

This is the same response I got from my PHPD agent. I guess we’ll see.

I as well was surprised to see what my MVT agent booked for me. Room only because I just got a TP that went up $50 just before I got it. Rack rates with no discounts is what I got and my agent stated the same as the rest. Wait and see. If this happens MVT is gone as far as I am concerned. Room only for next April is unacceptable at the rack rate. I have did my own vacations planning for many years and I guess I will have to go back to that. We will see what happens. :imp:

So saw a Twitter post from the Backside of Magic guys this morning that said apparently PHPD is not going to have agency exclusives this year but MVT will. I guess we’ll see – I’m curious as to why one agency would be able to get exclusives through Disney but another not.

I just heard back from my MVT agent that was on vacation. Sounds like they are unsure of what is going to happen. She said if/when agency exclusives are available, she’d let me know. Everything is different with SWGE opening.

MVT has been doing this a long time. The other agency is a newcomer. Maybe that could be why?

So far, it looks like every resort is available the week we are going, even standard rooms. So I wonder with the raise in prices, especially for Epcot resorts, and the 50th anniversary in 2021, just how booked the Disney resorts will actually be for non-peak times.

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What agent do you use? I have used two different MVT agents in the past and they kind of both acted like they had better things to do. I wasn’t impressed with the service.

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I have used Brandi. I believe she is a Liner and has always been very responsive.

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I was skeptical of MVT but decided to give them a shot to save some money and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve been bugging Kim M. regularly for a couple of months and she’s been awesome.

Same with Darcy although I am unsure if she is a liner.

i have an agency newbie question: is there etiquette for contacting mvt? i’ve read here (and in other posts) recommendations for specific agents. as a first timer, is it best to fill out the general form for a quote or contact a specific agent directly never having booked with them before?

thanks for your help!