No MK parade/firework show times for Christmas week?

Is there a reason that the site currently has no shows/parades/fireworks scheduled at MK during the week of Christmas? Is it because they just haven’t updated the schedule? Or is it because there won’t be any Christmas parades/fireworks/etc that week?

We can start booking adrs on Tuesday, and we’re going to plan a couple days specifically around the Christmas parade and happily fireworks. Now the site is making it appear as though these things might not be happening.

It seems unlikely, but should I be worried?

You’ll be there at the same time we are! I don’t think the schedules have been released yet. I don’t know whether the schedules will come out in time for ADR day. I hope that they are. However, our MK day is set in stone no matter what happens with the schedule. It’s DD’s birthday on the 26th, and she has requested Crystal Palace for lunch. That will be our only MK day.

What do you mean by the Christmas week?

Week leading up to Christmas, before the final party night, it will still be FoF but I don’t know if they run it twice or not. If only once it will be at 2pm.

Week between Christmas and New Year - the Christmas parade will run at around noon or 12:30 and again at 3/3:30.

FoF will return on Jan 1st I think. Certainly the 2nd.