No longer Solo Trip Not Live! 1/5-1/7

I’d like some input on my first day. I have brunch at CG 11:45-1:45. Then, dinner at V&A at 5:45. That leaves me 4 hours in between to travel and go to a park. I have fast passes for MK because originally I thought it would be easier to just stay on the loop, maybe even nap somewhere lol. BUT, I have MKAH the next night so I will be getting plenty of MK time. My day 2 is really busy and packed. GE rope drop, AK afternoon and MKAH. Should I A: stay in the loop and take it easy
B: uber to Epcot to ride spaceship earth before it closes for redesign.
C: uber to GE because I love GE.


Are those your only two park days for this trip?


Personally, I think I’d stay with MK to keep things easy. But thats my favorite park and I never have concerns about too much time there.
I think going to Epcot would be a good choice as well, especially if going on SE again is a priority. You wouldnt need a ton of time in Epcot since I assume between two big meals you wouldnt be doing much eating/drinking. And then you’d get all four parks.
With just a couple of hours, I dont think I would personally do GE.
Will you need time to change for V&A or are you accounting for that time? Doing any parks before CG or after V&A? Not sure what park hours are on your trip. If it was me and I could do a couple hours in MK in the morning before CG I’d be even more likely to hit Epcot after.
I dont think you can really go wrong here though!

I’d probably do the afternoon at Epcot. I don’t think a solo CG brunch could possibly take 2 hours unless you have a long wait to be seated.

I’m solo 1/4-7 :slight_smile:

I have been trying for a CG brunch for forever, you lucky duck!

Are you local-ish? Driving in? Flying in? Travel days can be exhausting sometimes so laying low might be good. There are lots of places to tuck away at WL if you didn’t want to go back to resort to sleep off the food coma…

I also think you don’t have enough AK time (my favorite park) so I think you should think about that.

Why would you uber to EP vs monorail?

Edited to adjust travel dates to just 4 days instead of 14 :frowning: My heart knows what I want and tells my fingers to say it.

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You mean 1/4-1/7 right?

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Yes, out by 1/7

I think I am going to play it by ear. I will keep my MK fast passes and see if I feel up to going to Epcot in the moment.
I was thinking I would uber because it is faster and because I don’t like the monorail. It’s weird but I don’t like that you can’t move between the different cars like on a train. I feel claustrophobic and afraid of getting stuck. I don’t know if the app wasn’t working but it was estimated to take 90 mins from MK to Epcot on monorail.
I also think I don’t have enough AK time (also my fav park) but I can’t have it all. This is a tiny trip. I was just there for 11 days in September so I’ve done everything.
@OBNurseNH I got the CG brunch reservation using the reservation finder. That thing really works!
I’m flying in and this is my travel day. 2 hour flight. I’m taking an Uber straight from the airport to brunch. I’m only packing a backpack.
@duffybear most accounts have said the brunch takes 2 hours. I plan on taking my time, relaxing after my flight and getting my $100 worth of unlimited mimosas.
@TarHeelTiff I think you are right and I will probably stay on the loop and not get too crazy. The V&A reservation put a wrench in my park hopping plans. I plan on changing for dinner in the grand Floridian bathroom like last time lol.


Can’t wait to follow along! Sounds like your packing a lot in!

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You’re gonna be too drunk to make it anywhere. LOL!
Sounds fun.


:joy: it’s not hard to reach the value for brunch at Disney prices of $12-16 per drink. I’m going to get all my drinks in at brunch. $25 per cocktail at V&A is steep!
I may be a little tipsy… Definitely MK lol

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I like your thinking.


I have it set up. I’ve missed it twice now. I think you snagged one of them!

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Oh yea I remember you saying that. Yea I’ve been wanting to try it so bad. One will free up for you, don’t lose hope. Have them text you. Maybe I will see you there.

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Lol part of me feels like I should invite you to brunch.

Haha. That’s ok!

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Yay! I’m 11:45. Yum yum. Have you had brunch there before?

This will be my third time. It has been my favorite dining experience to date