No late arrival plans in the book or the subscription for California Adventure

We will have 2 days in California adventure, but on arrival we won’t be able to get in the park before lunch time. I am little disappointed there aren’t as many plans as there are for WDW

Can someone suggest how to make most of day one? What attractions are likely to still have fast passes for? What attractions are easy to do single rider? It will be Monday. How would you plan a late arrival day

Make a Personalized Touring Plan. You can put in the time you want to start and choose the attractions you would like, and BAM. Touring plan.

If I was good in making touring plans for theme park I don’t know, I wouldn’t look for book, paid subscription and suggestions on things as
what fast passes are likely to be available later during the day
there is no single rider for example when trying to do a personalized touring plan
when you add that I am so use to being able to select what fast passes I want (with WDW plans)

How would you plan a late arrival day in DCA?

The only ride I have ever seen run out of FP before noon is Radiator Springs. You should still be able to get FP for the things you want to ride in the afternoon. However, last week they opened Toy Story Midway FP, and I’m not sure what times those are looking like.

I believe @Caramerson was trying to be helpful in suggesting you create a personalized touring plan because it will make suggestions for what FP you need, based upon the exact time, date, crowd level, and rides you want to ride. The personalized touring plan option is very easy to use even without much knowledge of the park. Please remember we are all just passionate disney fans who have devoted hours of research to our vacations and are volunteering you help.

Rides with single rider: California Screamin’, Goofy’s Sky School, Grizzly River Run, Radiator Springs Racers, and Soarin’. If we ride Radiator Springs Racers without a fast pass, we always ride in the single rider line. California Screamin’ is also another good option depending on the wait. Anytime we have been, it wasn’t necessary as the wait was minimal. Ditto for Goofy’s Sky School. I have never used the single rider line for Grizzly as we have always been able to secure a FP.

It is hard to say what I would plan for a late arrival day, because I don’t know what attractions are on your must, maybe, and no lists. That being said, here is a start:

  1. Radiator Springs FP
  2. Ride Soarin’
  3. Ride Goofy
  4. Ride Radiator Springs w/ FP
  5. Get Toy Story Midway FP
  6. Ride California Screamin’
  7. Ride Mickey’s Fun Wheel stationary
  8. Use Toy Story Midway FP
  9. Get Grizzly River FP
  10. Animation Academy and Turtle Talk (Depending on FP time)
  11. Monsters Inc.
  12. Ride Grizzly

I am also a rebel and deviate from my touring plan if I need to. Be realistic with your time, check wait times and you are going to have to review your FP times and fill in the blanks while on the go.


Thanks Hillary. This is very helpful

I just want to add a couple of things to what @hillary_murphy said. She is right on with the Radiator Springs. The FPs might be gone by noon. If so, go single rider.

We just returned from DCA and you will want to consider FPs for Soarin’. The wait gets very long now that they have updated it.

Goofy never has much of a line. Single rider is fairly quick, when it is open. But sometimes the line gets long and they close it for a while.

A couple of rides I would add are Maters Junkyard Jamboree, it is more fun then it looks and Silly Symphony Swings is fun too. Neither of these have FPs and are great when you are waiting on a time.

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