No. Just no


Oh sweet baby j no way. Good time to ride Everest!

Sure about that?

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Yikes. No thank you.

pure insanity



But apparently they do! I don’t understand it.

Is this for MLKJr weekend? Had no idea so busy.

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This is why we have FastPasses. And TouringPlans.


In 270 minutes they could have read every bit of advice on the TP website regarding FOP. Heck, probably most of what was written on AK in its entirety.

Too bad TP can’t rent a plane or blimp to do a flyover with “TOURINGPLANS.COM” in giant letters right now.


No way! Nice time to leave AK and have lunch as Sanaa!

Really, why do people do that? Four and a half hours standing in line?!?!?

Yeah, but if everyone knew about TouringPlans…


No! I don’t want everyone to know about TP.


Hey! She’s from my town!!

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Right. Touring Plans only works because it allows those in the know to ride on the backs of those who don’t.

If everyone used Touring Plans, then it would ultimately provide little benefit!


It’s not like it is a secret. Unofficial Guide has been out for what, 30 years? TouringPlans for 15? It’s human nature that most people won’t do the research, even though it’s no secret.

And even those that do: you don’t know how many people I’ve told about the benefit of Rope Drop, only to have them tell me they’d rather wait in long lines than get up early on their vacation…

I kinda understand the complaint with getting up early. I’m not sure I’d be as eager to rope drop if we were doing emh. 9 am opening for us is no biggie. 8 am or even 7 in the summer… That’s a completely different story. Especially with the fireworks being much later in the summer too.
Then again, they have no idea what the different in total wait time will be. We’re not talking about an extra 5 minutes per line. It’s a lot more than that!

It was my pleasure to walk past a 4 hour line at 9AM after riding FOP this morning (on and off before 9AM scheduled opening). It was also my pleasure to pick up 5 extra FPP for FOP during the 3:01 drop. Thank you TP community :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


That’s the thing. Even on high crowd days, like today, with the right knowledge you can make it work and have a great time. Glad it worked out for you!


It kind of surprises me/bothers me that Disney would do a FPP drop for FOP when the SB line was already so long that day, thereby only making the line longer for those in SB. I mean, you benefited…and I don’t blame anyone for taking advantage of the fact. But still…