No Idea 😳


So we fly out from the UK to the world on Saturday for 15 nights staying at BC and tonight over dinner my wife asks “what hotel are we staying at?” I kid you not I nearly died … then after showing her an email saying our magic bands were ready she says “oh what are they for?”


Good luck


:joy::joy::joy: count to maybe 999! You obviously haven’t been keeping her informed. :wink:


PS. No one listens to me either.:cry:


Looking toward to following along with this trip.:slight_smile:




Well, look on the bright side. She will be truly amazed at how easy a WDW vacation is, thanks to your planning. Which, of course, she will be oblivious to and will think it’s like this all the time.

She’ll then tell all her friends that it’s “so easy” to do things at Disney, and she “can’t understand what all the fuss is about” when it comes to planning a trip.

:rofl: :rofl:


I need medicating … all of a sudden she’s watching YouTube blogs about the rooms in BC … ARGHHHHH where was she 564 days ago when I started planning :flushed::gun:


It’s painful … she’s just said oooohhhh club level looks nice ! My response “so does a cardboard box luv” hahahaha


It’s not even funny :joy: all of a sudden 3 sleeps out she’s interested… I had all our ADRs done 177 days ago and FS done 57 days ago … god help me


Well obviously you’re an amateur. Why not 180 days and 60 days? Or maybe you just like living on the edge…

:wink::wink: (Hi I’m Jennifer and I’m a snark monster. Totally in fun. Never serious)


Because I’m 3 days out silly … 177 + 3 etc … I’ve loved being on this forum … it’s the best decision after booking the holiday that I’ve ever made … I’ve learned so much from everyone and feel ready to get the best out of my “holiday of a lifetime” :wink: you all rock :metal:t2:


I love it lol! You even know to put “holiday of a lifetime” in quotes. Truly a liner now.


Luckily my spouse does appreciate the planning, though he still doesn’t really understand how it works. He knows how things went before I started planning so assiduously. The difference is remarkable, I’m so thankful for websites like TP. :two_hearts:

And also, we go lots of other places due to my planning, and there is one unwritten rule- no whining. The family did not plan it, the family does not get to complain.

Unless it’s something so troublesome that it must be changed, or so trivial that it’s easy to change. Otherwise, complaints are duly noted and summarily rejected.


The less they know, the less they’ll interfere with the plans you’ve made to ensure their happiness. Just keep telling them where to go next, and everyone will be much more happy. You’ll avoid conversations like:
Q: “Hey, why didn’t we go on Astro Orbiter, it looks like it would be a great view?”
A: “Because you let the kids talk you into staying at the splash pad for an extra 15 minutes at 9am when the lines for everything else were nothing”


I love this !!! hahahaha I wonder how many times I’m gonna steal your quote in the first week :rofl::rofl:


“And also, because it has the most deceptive line in the entire MK. It only looks like a 10 minute wait, dear.”


I love this “your my people” :heart:




I feel your pain, last time DH didn’t start looking into restaurants until we were on the plane, I like to make a few extra ADR’s so I can give him a few choices. This time we’ve had about 3/4 very brief conversations, and I’m not sure he could tell you what hotels we are staying at.