No idea what park to go to on final day

I have no idea what park to go to on our final day at WDW.

I do not know which park to make my FP+ for, as I am not sure which will be our favourite park until we are there
What do others do on their final day?

Any advice… ?:slight_smile:

On our last trip my husband and I went to all 4 parks on our last day and rode our favorite rides. It was a long day, but well worth it, we thought. However, we went at a slower time, it was just the two of us, and we had the park hopper. We have also been to Disney World before (This last trip was our 3rd time), so we were familiar with the parks and already knew which rides were our favorites.

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We have a park hopper too… I did think of doing this on our last day…

Our last trip we actually split up. My wife and daughter went to AK and my son and I went to Epcot. It was great that we could each have a little “focused” time with one child. We had no problem getting FP last minute. I would just wing it a bit. Figure out what you are “itching” to see and then do that. I love to plan to make things efficient - but I think part of the fun is spontaneity.

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Have you been before? or are you first timers and don’t know what your favorite rides/parks are? I assume first timers. I’m planning for MK as we have small children, staying at the Poly and it’s CL9/10 everywhere. Our last night is probably early dinner at Ohana and then see what we feel like. If you want to end on your favorite rides take a guess and what they are likely to be, then see which ones you couldn’t do without a FP, then look at which rides you can usually get FP’s for last minute. You can strategically book your FP’s in a way that will give you various options on your last day. Also consider CL, whether you are likely to pick up extra FP’s or if 3 is all you’ll have.