No Hoop-Dee-Doo 6PM Reservations?


We are traveling 11/15-11/22 and in May I made my 180 ADRs promptly at 6AM. I was quite successful, but noticed there was no availability for the 6PM HDDR show for the entire duration of my trip. Seemed strange. I wanted Cat 1 but there was no option for Cat 2 or 3 either. I’ve done a little digging and noticed others complaining of the same circumstances. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? I called and the cast members simply say to keep checking back. Seems hard to imagine HDDR would sell out instantaneously for the entire 8 day window and it’s even harder to imagine they’d cancel the popular 6PM time slot.

Thanks in advance!

No idea. But I have the same issue and put in a reservation search for it. If I get it good, if not then oh well.

It might be held back for Candlelight or other dining packages. They seems to be more and more dining bundles offered each year

It wasn’t available for October either. No one including CM’s seem to know why

I mentioned this in another thread but I was able to secure a 6:15 HDDR reservation for 9/21 for what that’s worth.

Thanks for all the replies. Yes, it is kind of frustrating. I’ll keep checking! :slight_smile:

Anybody had any news on this? We want to book for October 26?

And yet, you could get tickets for 4 for tonight’s HDDR, so that is really weird. I’d say keep checking.

No! Nothing yet. It is really the strangest thing!