No Galactic Nights during our trip

Is it just too early for the schedule to be out or is there really not going to be a showing of Galactic Nights at the studios at all in the end of November and beginning of December? Was this a limited time thing and I just was not paying attention? lol

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You mean the Star Wars fireworks, yes?

Unfortunately, they get replaced with the Christmas-y themed Jingle Bells, Jingle Bam! show instead, until about the 15th or so of December, when both get shown.

At least, that’s been the pattern for the last couple of years.

Thanks! I didn’t think about the switch up for Christmas. Yes, I was referring to the Star Wars fireworks. I contacted Disney and they advised that the schedule is not out yet for that time frame. I was told it would be another 3 months. Fingers crossed …maybe…possibly… it will happen. Haha.

It’s not scheduled during my trip in late October either. That can’t be because of Christmas…so I’m also wondering what’s up.

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I am going late September/Early October. Galactic nights was not scheduled for my trip until three weeks ago. It just gets scheduled closer to the dates than other events.


Got it! Thanks much!

I was worried of the same thing!

Thanks for your report @MissBelleCA! I was worried about my travel dates in late October, because I had the fireworks in my personalised touring plan and when I checked it today, there was an error indicating I had to remove the step to be able to optimise it… I will probably be added to October in a couple of weeks… I will keep watching it closely because I want to schedule the dessert party as well.

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