No Fastpass+ Recommendations

I have created touring plans for our 5-day trip Some of my plans don’t have three recommendations for Fastpass+ and the wait times are all REALLY short-surely this can’t be right? Even our Magic Kingdom plans have 20+ items in the plan with 215 minutes of free time. The busy times even include 90 minutes of Rest, lunch and and hour for dinner. Are our wait times really going to be minimal? We are going February 21st-25th. I am trying to reserve the last of our fastpasses. Thanks!

you need to click on the green plus button sbove your plans for activate the fpp recommend feature or it won’t give you recommendations Web site is best for this not app.

Thanks, I definitely did that already. It gave me one recommendation-7DMT.

If you have 215 minutes of free time, it sounds like your plan is avoiding doing attractions during the really busy times. If you make your plan shareable and post the link we might be able to better understand what is going on.

Here is the plan @brklinck I have been fiddling around with it and it just doesn’t make sense. I ended up adding a four hour afternoon break. Then it adds 128 minutes of free time at 9:45. I also took out 7DMT since it is our second day at MK and we will be doing it the day before.

You are going at a good time for lower crowds, so it’s possible the wait times are accurate. Personally, I would make fastpass+ reservations for rides you want to do in the late morning and early afternoon, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. If you arrive at a fastpass ride and it has a short wait in stand-by, you can cancel the fastpass reservation on your mobile and try to use the reservation for something else later in the day.

Thanks @bhoey. That is a good idea. I will just add fastpasses and it will force it to do something in the morning.

I am unable to access your plan - you need to go into “edit info” (I think that is the location) to share the plan and post the link that they give you there.

Here this should work @brklinck. Sorry that was the first time sharing my plan. :slight_smile:

It looks to me that most of your free time is due to your meals and break. Based on your attractions I would say that your times look spot on. There may be one or two attractions that take longer but a few (right away Peter Pan) that will take much less time.n

The plan looks pretty accurate to me. You still have 77 minutes of “Free Time” which means that you could put in a few more attractions.