NO FAST PASSES IN ANY PARKS @ 11:30 a.m. on May 26, 2018

We received the above on our cell phones today at 11:30 a.m…No FP s available in any park on a Touring Plans RCL 8 day. We were in EPCOT when we received this. EP & MK were CL 8. HS a nine and AK a 7. Honestly, EPCOT did not look that crowded. In light of Len’s investigation of crowd level manipulation by Disney ( via reduced ride capacity); is this to be expected all summer? I don’t ever remember seeing this. Even on the fourth of July. NOTE: a few (non-desirable) EP Fast Passes became available around 1:30 p.m. Approximately two.

In addition, I received a FP for myself for Space Ship Earth at 2:15 p.m. that I did not request. As we were walking out of the park around 1:30 p.m., I checked my phone again, and lo and behold, my wife also now had 2:15 p.m. SSE FP. We told the cast member at SSE what had happened. She said touch your magic bands and they both came up blue. She then told us to proceed into the FP line at SSE. We walked around the left side line and right on to the ride. No wait at all. WHAT GIVES???

I think it was an issue with the system.


It’s a glitch.

I had it happen to me a few times last month. Close the app, restart it, voila.

You are probably right. The FP machines in the park were not working for a lot of other guests. That was around 11 a.m… But I wonder if guests in other parks also received this notification? Honestly, just as we left, it started to rain.

Notification, as in they specifically sent that to you? Or notification as in, you encountered this (false error) message while trying to manage FPP?

It stinks for those who would believe it to be true, but the sad fact is MDE is very glitchy so I rarely trust it when something unbelievable pops up like this. There are ALWAYS FPP to be had. Not always good ones, or ones you want/need, but there are always FPP


I have made space in my schedule to play FPP Lotto — as recommended by you — so you’d better hope there are always FPPs available. I would hate to have to blame you for ruining my entire trip.



Maybe your tag line should be changed from laundry related to ‘personally responsible for @profmatt’s trip’


She is. She keeps making really good suggestions. I’m very suggestible so I always take her really good advice.

Of course, this makes her legally responsible for my entire trip. Legally.


Well as the (previous) legal expert here I’m sure you know your rights :joy: Better watch your back @OBNurseNH


Better hope that @LaurelStewart doesn’t see this…, :wink:

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I hope she doesn’t change it. I rather like @OBNurseNH’s current tag line.

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Should be safe. She doesn’t take requests.

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Maybe she should get a job at Disney.




That’s a word I always have to read quite carefully to make sure it’s not another similar word that is very NSFW.


We played ‘Spin for a Fast Oass’ on our last trip and loved it!! Fun to be spontaneous.

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