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I’m staying on property for my WDW vacation. Last year, I was able to get fast passes for Flight of Passage, but this year as soon as my booking window opened, I couldn’t get one. Why is that? I’m very disappointed!

Don’t panic! You can RD it or you can cross your fingers and go for the same day drop. They release FPP on the same day at certain hours. The last list I have is:

FoP 11:01 1:01 3:01 5:01, TT and Soarin - 11:30, 1:30, 3,30, HS - 9:31, 12:01, 2:31, 5:01, AK - 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, 5:01, MK - no set pattern


You may want to search this site to see if there’s a new calendar, but I think these are still up to date.


Generally not available for Day 60 or 60+1. Are available for later days. Do you have the option of doing AK in a later day on your trip ?

How many days are you staying, and which was your AK day?

Everyone staying onsite can book for the length of their stay, up to 14 days. Generally, FoP is available for 60+2 or 60+3; any earlier than that takes a bit of luck. But it’s still possible FPs will open up, keep checking.

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I am wondering if you are going at a busier time or a large group? I was able to get FoP at 60+1 and 60+3 for 2 people for my early May trip. You can try I used it for getting a better 7dmt time. Still trying to get a SDD…

Did you also try getting a FP for FOP for one person and then modifying the party to include the rest of your family? I have heard that sometimes that is another option you can do.

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Keep checking back but we had AK planned at day 65 and still only got 10am FP time. If you are going during July 4th the larger crowd may have taken quite a few availability.

Do you know if the park hours may change? I was able to get a better time for my FP FoP when the park hours were extended. More FPs were add but be ready…they were added first thing in the morning and were gone quickly.

Grab a Na’vi FPP,i if they are still available. Then, a few times a day when you have a few minutes, “change” your FP (as long as you don’t confirm it won’t mess up your Na’vi). Keep refreshing for a few minutes. It took me 4 days, but I got an FoP at a time I really wanted by doing this. Na’vi and FoP are both tier 1, so you can swap them.


I lucked out about a week before my 60 day window opened for May 4, 2019. I was playing around with MDE, and I noticed a glitch that allowed me to book FPPs for two rides before it closed. Luckily I got FOP and 7DMT for the two of us. Got the rest when my window opened.

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When I play with Touring Plans for the dates we plan to go in May 2020 (but using 2019 as a guide), no Fast Passes, I found that the wait time on FOP was better if you wait until evening than if you try to go first thing/RD. Try putting it in your plan around dinner time (5:00 or later) or so and see what happens.

If we attempted to RD FOP, if you add the time we’d STILL have to wait in line, plus the time we’d have to wait outside the park early, it is MUCH longer than just going later in the day and waiting the full time.

Of course, it will depend on what dates you are going.

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That glitch has been closed for ages though.

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Yes, it closed up for me as soon as I got a few FPPs in mid Feb. which was ahead of my March 5 window opening.

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I will say there has definitely been a tightening up of day-of FPP availability. We have been on much busier, much more crowded days and had an easier time. It is way more locked up this trip than we have ever experienced

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If you have your reservation in your Touring Plans dashboard, then another brilliant feature of a TP subscription (other than the forums) is that they will email you when Park hours change.

Then you need to keep checking for new FP availability. Usually they add them 24-48 hrs after extending the hours, but it has been known to happen within a couple of hours.



If you aren’t able to get fast passes, we took advantage of getting in line 10-15 minutes before park close. It was about an hour wait, but most of that was after the park closed. And there was something magical about walking out in the quiet park almost by ourselves.


This is what we’re planning to do on our next trip because I’d really like to see the queue!

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