No Fast passes at all?!?!

If anyone is going March 6th can you look to see if you can see any FP options? This is the message I’m getting and another posted that HS park is greyed out for picking to add FP for the day. Hoping it’s still IT issues and not that it’s going to be that crazy crowded that day. :tired_face::open_mouth:
Checked and same for March 2nd. Thinking it’s a technical difficulty situation.

I’m not going that day, but I pulled it up on the app and there are FPs available. Maybe log out and back in?

And same for 3/2–there are FPs available.

March FFP are SNAFU

Hopefully you know the acronym :poop:

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Be grateful it’s not FUBAR!

I have read reports that people think that Disney shut down HS FPs because of the issues this morning?

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Well that would make sense they did that considering the mess it caused lol.

It’s actually that too.

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I just got that too! And on March 1 my options are Muppets, or a 7pm showing of Little Mermaid. On the other hand, after the events of today I currently have 18 anytimes for the 1st and 12 for the 6th, so I should be ok…:joy:

Although should we be concerned that Disney IT has flooded the system with so many anytimes that we’ll be looking at hour long FPP lines? Or assume that most people aren’t liners and didn’t know that you could then book another FPP if yours got switched to an anytime, and I just got lucky because I kept rebooking the TSMM during 8am FPPs that I really did want but that also happened to keep converting?

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It only affected certain times and certain rides, so I’m not sure how many people had their FPPs moved- I had TSMM and ST the same day as the MFSR that kept getting moved again and again, but neither of the former two got moved even once, presumably because they were a bit later. Plus, it seems like a lot of people didn’t get anytimes, they just got crappier FPP, like Muppets or Little Mermaid.

FPP lines might be longer, but I don’t know that they’re gonna be crazy. Guess we’ll see on the day…

Same here this morning trying to get fast passes for 3/10…nothing available except for Muppets and Star Tours.
Come on man, I got up early for this!

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There has got to be something going on. I haven’t ever seen this happen even on holiday or open for RR week. Surely it’s not because they really are all gone?!?? I thought by this morning it would be fixed but still no so now I’m so concerned it’s going to be that crowded. :tired_face:

A great many. A great many indeed. I’m seeing this in many forums and FB pages these last 24 hours. It is an absolute disaster

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Cast members on the phone have reportedly said it is related to the addition of MMRR to the FPP list. Not sure I believe that is the root cause because it would be restricted, then, to HS and it seems to be affecting other parks too (though honestly I haven’t seen EP affected - has anyone here??)

It feels like either the system had a massive meltdown or they were hacked.

It seems to be restricted to the first week or two of March, as well. Folks are reporting that their FPP for April seem to be okay (for now)


Unlikely. More like Disney IT at it’s very best :wink:


I realized that I would not be surprised by either of these.


And that is a sad thing indeed. In either case!


Pure speculation here but with an impending price increase, anyone else wondering if they’re planning to roll out some kind of paid FP system (at HS to start)?!

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I posted this in another thread, but seems appropriate.

The likelihood is that they effectively shut down the FP system for DHS yesterday.

The problem was that once the first Fps were cancelled, people then went in and changed their useless replacements back. And so started a never-ending cycle of cancellations, emails, re-booking.

In order to investigate and resolve the original error, whatever caused it, they had no choice but to shut the whole park down for FP booking.

Hopefully they can get it resolved very quickly.


Have been experiencing this myself with our upcoming March 6-14 trip. It mostly only seems to be happening at HS since the MMRR FP and 8am opening announcements occurred.

Thankfully so far for us it has affected only a single FP for TSM that I had moved to early morning once the new opening hours were announced for March.

MDX has rescheduled it at least 5 separate times over the last 24 hours and every time I have been able to go back and get around the 8:30-8:45am time I wanted.

As of a few hours ago, we now also have a multi-experience FP added as a 4th option that day (who knows if that will ultimately stay or not).

Gotta love Disney IT - but this is a first I’ve heard of widespread FP changes happening. Crazy!

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